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Treenhenge Eco-partner with Climate Wave Enterprises

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Article by Greg Howell

Climate Wave Enterprises Profile | Email | Website
Climate Wave Enterprises Climate Wave Enterprises assists your event to become
sustainable, identifying impacts on the environment and
society, lowering costs, implementing sustainability
practices to minimise adverse effects, leaving a positive
legacy to the community.

Whether you're staging a birthday party, wedding, sporting event, a music festival or a corporate gathering, we'll reduce the impact of your event on the planet.
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Australia 4224
0414 939 942

I was fortunate to connect with the wonderful people from Treehenge & Condamine Alliance nearly a year ago now and I have attended events including a great night at Treehenge Sustainable Fashion Event - "Forest meets Fashion" at the beautiful old venue Cloudland in Brisbane.

Treehenge is bringing Australian landscapes back to life - one tree at a time. Treehenge works to rehabilitate and replenish land that is vitally important to Australia. Our actions will help reduce erosion, improve air and water quality and ultimately encourage the return of native plants and animals. 

We’ve started a plantation across our first site and included a ‘Treehenge’. This Treehenge is a planting in the shape of our logo, a Celtic eternity knot. Its visual symbol of the good work we are doing and the reason we are doing it.

Everyone can play a part in protecting our environment through Treehenge: from dedication trees, to Eco-partnerships, to individuals or companies showing their commitment to the environment by supporting the planting of trees that will help to reforest the region.

Your support will help Treehenge grow and continue to restore and rejuvenate damaged land right around Australia.”

Recently Climate Wave Enterprises was invited to partner with Treehenge to promote the good work it’s doing to repair valuable landscapes. You too can support Treehenge to grow and continue to restore and rejuvenate damaged land right around Australia. Visit CWE’s home page where you will notice a new Treehenge Eco-partner donate button where you can make a donation, dedicate a tree or make a purchase in their online shop. 

Since I’ve had the new donate button on the site I’ve been asked repeatedly two questions.

Q. Is Treehenge an Australian Governments, National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS)?

A. No it’s not, Treehenge feel there is “a lot of grey around the offsetting and also the project is locked in for 100 years. We don’t think you can guarantee that! I don’t think anyone can.”

Q. Are the donations made to Treehenge through CWE website donation button tax deductible?

A. Yes all donations made through CWE website donation button are tax deductible.

Climate Wave Enterprises is looking forward to sustaining many trees at Treehenge and working to promote the wonderful work the Condamine Alliance have started. In years to come I’m sure Treehenge’s will be developed all over Australia for everyone to enjoy and see the value of projects like this.

“There are many ways you can contribute to the long-term sustainability and regeneration of our land as an individual or corporation (read more). We are thankful for all types of support, and we welcome contributions of time, money or just your spreading the Treehenge name amongst your social network. To become a financial contributor, we offer sponsorship packages demonstrating your commitment to restoring our landscapes and environment through our Sustainable Treehenge Plantation.


Here are a few suggestions:

Living Memories - A great way to commemorate those who have passed on and to celebrate their lives. There is the option to scatter the ashes under their special memorial tree.

Seedlings - Celebrate a birth or christening with a symbol of new life, a Treehenge sapling - and then watch them both grow.

Eternitrees - An evergreen reminder of love and devotion or mark your engagement with a tree that grows stronger every year, it’s a great way to share your love.

Milestone Trees - Celebrate key milestones like graduations, 21st birthdays, christenings, bar mitzvahs and other signifiers of personal growth.

Giving Trees - A great way to say a special thank you.

Pet Trees - The unconditional love and loyalty a pet offers can be hard to say goodbye to. Keep the memories alive with a Pet Tree.

Legacy Trees - As you live long and prosper, so will your Legacy Tree. It’s a very personal way to give something back to nature.

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kind regards

Greg Howell

working with the planet

21 Feb 2013

Article/Information supplied by Greg Howell

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.