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Geopathic stress Geomancy and nightmares

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Article by Marianne Baker

Geopathic stress, Geomancy and nightmares

Marianne Baker – Building Biologist, Building Wellness

What is Geopathic Stress?
Disturbance of the earth’s natural magnetic field by either natural or man-made phenomena may result in negative earth energies which cannot be either seen or explained scientifically. Both negative earth energies and negative energies left behind by the previous inhabitants of a space are referred to by the term “geopathic stress”.

How does Geopathic Stress affect human health?
Geopathic stress does not directly cause ill health. Instead, nutrient absorption from food may be reduced and immune function lowered so that a person is less able to fight illness. It also places a small burden on the DNA in our cells and DNA subjected to this stress for several years can be slightly damaged, leading to abnormal cell metabolism which can render any type of therapy ineffective. It is therefore thought that the main effect of geopathic stress is that it prevents people maintaining good health by continually disrupting the body’s control systems.

Short-term exposure to geopathic stress usually results in only transitory effects. However, long term exposure may ultimately result in conditions such as;

  • cancer, M.E., multiple sclerosis, allergies
  • disturbed sleep, strange dreams or nightmares
  • waking feeling unrefreshed or feeling worst in the mornings
  • tiredness, exhaustion, depression, headaches
  • repeated miscarriages and fertility problems
  • failure to thrive, inattention, hyperactivity and learning difficulties in children
  • illnesses which do not clear up, despite good treatment

What is Geomancy?
Geomancy is an energetic discipline in which the consultant uses dowsing to interact with the energy of the site. It is used by Building Wellness for the identification and remediation of geopathic stress.

Dowsing is the practice of using a tool, such as a pendulum or metal rod, to detect energies in a space. While there is no convincing scientific explanation for how dowsing works, it is thought that the dowser is detecting small variations in the earth’s magnetic field. These variations cause minor muscle movements, particularly in the wrists, and these movements are then made visible by being translated into movement of the dowsing rod.



Case study – Geopathic stress and nightmares
Lauren was a 3 year old girl who slept poorly, experiencing nightmares most nights and waking frequently. As far as her mother could recall, she had been like this all her life.

Testing by a naturopath showed that Lauren was being affected by geopathic stress. Her mother therefore employed a building biologist to conduct a geomantic assessment of the family home.

Several types of geopathic stress were found in Lauren’s room. A geological fault ran the length of her bed. A negative psychic impression and mobile personal line (stagnant negative energies left by either past or present occupants of the space) were found at the bed head and beside the bed.

The geopathic stress was remedied by the consultant. Ten days later, Lauren’s mother reported that her daughter was sleeping much better, but still occasionally woke during the night.

A month after the geopathic stress had been cleared, Lauren was no longer experiencing nightmares and was sleeping soundly all night.

Minimising exposure to geopathic stress
A geomantic assessment is necessary to identify the presence of geopathic stress at a site. The consultant can remedy any concerns identified.

Once remedied, there may be no need to take any further action immediately, although some people prefer to move beds and favourite chairs so that they are not located over previously-stressed areas. As geopathic stress may return in the future, it is advisable to have a remedied site reassessed every few years.

While there are no definite ways of avoiding geopathic stress without a geomantic assessment, it may help toavoid spending time in areas that feel inexplicably cold, draughty or “not quite right”, as such conditions are sometimes associated with geopathic stress.  Also avoid areas in the home where bees or ants like to nest or which seem like unlikely resting places for cats, but where cats like to sleep, as bees, ants and cats are attracted to geopathic stress.

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21 Aug 2012

Article/Information supplied by Marianne Baker

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.