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Tips To Save Water At Home

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Article by Jinnan Cai

 If you would like save money on your water bill or you are becoming eco - conscious, saving water is really important. Listed below are a few water saving tips in a household.

- Bathroom use makes up to 55 % of the water used within the home. Check frequently for any leakages in the toilet, taps and hose bibs and repair them as soon as possible. Install a water-efficient showerhead. You won't just save money on your water bills, but utilizing less hot water means you will also save on your utility bills. Also, you need to flush toilets only whenever necessary.

- Showers can account for 1/5 of all domestic water usage. Many shower heads allow 5 gallons of water each minute to pass through. If you lessen the time you are in there, you can save water and you can save electricity as well. Also, you can shut off the water while you're lathering up

- Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth. If you brush your teeth 2 times a day, for 2 minutes each time, leave the tap running, you're likely to be wasting about six liters (or simply more than a bucket) of water daily. That is more than 2,200 liters per person, a year.

- About 8 percent of in-home water usage comes from the kitchen area. Do not rinse off dishes before loading the dish washer. Rinse only full loads in the dish-washer. An effective dishwasher usually uses smaller amount water than cleaning dishes by hand. When purchasing a new dish-washer, consider buying a water saving model. (Brand-new models consume to 25 % less water than older versions.)

- When you replace or upgrade your home appliances, ensure that they are air-cooled rather than water-cooled. Hunt for home appliances which are optimized for water and power savings.

- You can save water by washing your fruit and vegetables in a bowl. Fill a bowl with water. You can wash many fruit and vegetables and never having to change the water. Then, when you are finished, dump the used water out in the garden

- Check for water leakages. Seeping faucets, toilets, shower heads as well as other water using devices are primary wasters of water. Most leaks are simple to detect and easy to fix with standard know-how and also the right plumbing tools.

- Use Water Flow Meters .To measure the quantity of water used, you need to use water flow meter. It is useful for household and commercial purposes. You will discover visually lots of benefits using it. It is possible to obtain an accurate measurement of the quantity of water utilized in homes, industries and public facilities. Water flow meters in Australia are used regularly to prevent and spot water leaks on time. Thus it helps to save water and puts a stop to water shortages.

- You can replace a water loving backyard with wild-flowers, ground-cover, a veggie garden, or else you can consider an innovative hobby called Xeriscaping which is nothing but gardening with water conservation in mind.

24 Jul 2012

Last Update: 31 Jul 2012

Article/Information supplied by Jinnan Cai

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.