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New ISO 20121 standard for sustainable events management

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Article by Greg Howell

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Did you know it was coming?…well I have to admit I did.

There was very little pomp and ceremony here in Australia and for that matter on the internet even though I’m connected to many sustainable event media outlets. So I asked the question on linked in “Is it official, has the ISO 20121 been released yet? And I received an answer from Andrew, Director at Eventberry who told me that he “attended the official bash last week at the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games HQ in London which was a great occasion.”

Even though I missed the party I’m very pleased that after countless hours and many people (experts including Climate Wave Enterprises) from all over the world had input through the Global Reporting Initiative towards the 51 page ISO 20121 document that it has been released. At this point I wouldn’t blame you for asking Why Greg, what’s so good about it? Well I’m glad you asked, during the last 4 years Guil & I have wondered if this industry that we are so passionate about will ever take off in Australia while watching excellent outcomes all around the world and in small regional areas in Australia.

Now the industry of Sustainable Event Management (SEM) has been recognised with the highest standard in the world for best management practise. And this gives me heart to keep on with our vision towards events that can leave economic, social & environmental benefits to our communities. So where to from hear, I hear you ask…well, we will continue to spread the word that SEM is the way of the future for events and that this practise is the BEST possible for your event!

Kind regards

Greg Howell

Working with the planet

5 Jul 2012

Last Update: 8 Jul 2012

Article/Information supplied by Greg Howell

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