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Sustainability...reasons to be cheerful

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Article by Greg Howell

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Sustainability is just such a great word! You’ve probably been hearing it more in the last few years than you ever have before or if ever. For a start it’s a really nice word to say, go on try it no one’s listening…Sustainability. There didn’t that feel good…be honest now!

Oh well yes firstly you need to know what it means. Silly me it can’t feel good saying a word if you don’t know the meaning.

According to Wikipedia…Sustainability is the capacity to endure. For humans, sustainability is the long-term maintenance of responsibility, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions, and encompasses the concept of stewardship, the responsible management of resource use. In ecology, sustainability describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time, a necessary precondition for human well-being.

So there you go, a beautiful word that rolls off the tongue (I think) can contain such an enormous concept and encompassing environmental, economic, and social dimensions whooo the word needs to be fatter or bigger if it takes in all that.

What do you think; do you know of many other words that mean so much to human beings? If we only considered the meaning of that word earlier in our existence, mmm would be a different place our planet now hey!

Do me a favour ask around between family, friends, workmates, total strangers…ask them if they’ve heard this word ‘sustainability’ and if they know what it means and if they think it is as sexy as I do J

By promoting this word ‘sustainability’ and the meaning behind it, this planets population will benefit greatly.

Note: this word ‘sustainability’ should not be abused by the media, marketers or green washers.

Greg Howell

working with the planet

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16 Jan 2012

Article/Information supplied by Greg Howell

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