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So, is it worth greening your event?

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Article by Greg Howell

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Climate Wave Enterprises Climate Wave Enterprises assists your event to become
sustainable, identifying impacts on the environment and
society, lowering costs, implementing sustainability
practices to minimise adverse effects, leaving a positive
legacy to the community.

Whether you're staging a birthday party, wedding, sporting event, a music festival or a corporate gathering, we'll reduce the impact of your event on the planet.
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Well naturally I’d say yes, that’s my job! And when you look at the impact an event has on the environment, many companies are looking for green alternatives. When you consider the power usage and enormous waste generated by most events, with the right management it won’t leave such an impact.


At the large end of the scale is the recent story that Michael Eavis, the man behind the legendary Glastonbury Festival, will soon start work on a major solar-power project financed by an ethical bank’s savers to offset the impact of the 175,000 visitors that visit his festival each year. And while your event may not be quite so large, this is the sort of thing that we love to hear about: brilliant initiatives by people who want to make a positive difference for our planet. In fact, we love hearing about it so much, we’ve made it the core of what we strive for.

So let’s start greening more events, and eventually we will have an industry leading in the reduction of carbon emissions. That can only be a positive step and your community will definitely appreciate it.

Have you been to a green event? Which one? Did you think it was green wash or the real thing? Please let me know in the comments below.

Working for the Planet

Greg Howell

4 Dec 2010

Last Update: 6 Dec 2010

Article/Information supplied by Greg Howell

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