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How do you educate about reycling?

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Article by Greg Howell

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While providing environmental management for an event recently we found it interesting that people don’t seem to know how to recycle waste using the correct receptacle.

In a newspaper article it was stated that only 25 per cent of waste thrown in the yellow-lid recycling bin was actually recycle-friendly.

How long have we been recycling for now?

Records show that one particular company started recycling paper 120 years ago and what, after all that time we still can’t get it right.

The article went onto discuss the ramifications for the future of recycling with the increase in the cost of water which has risen by 20 per cent recently.

The correct method of recycling is to remove lids from all containers and rinse any foreign material before discarding. Any break down in this process will see contaminated articles dumped with general waste.

So how do you educate effectively so recycling is not just a feel good thing and can become an effective way of reducing waste? I’m keen for your thoughts on this subject.

I know one day recycling will be mandatory and we will reap the benefits of this which will reduce the amount of resources needed for industry. Reduce Reuse Recycle

CWE is up to the challenge and will be promoting recycling at all our events until the message and advantages are prevalent throughout the community.

A tip for effective recycling and water saving:

Use the last bit of the washing up water to rinse articles or for those with dishwashers take a bucket into the shower and rinse off together.

The energy saved in recycling one plastic bottle will light an 11 watt energy efficient bulb for 33 hours – so be a good sort and recycle right.

Working for the Planet

Greg Howell

4 Dec 2010

Last Update: 6 Dec 2010

Article/Information supplied by Greg Howell

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