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2018 Commonwealth Games Solar Legacy proposal

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Article by Greg Howell

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As George Harrison sang, Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right…but in this case a missed opportunity in my home town of providing a solar legacy for the community will keep me up at night until I get my teeth into another project.

This proposal has been brewing and formulating since our first meeting with Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) back in 2015, if it had only been ready to run with back then. So our ducks weren’t in a row and our planets did not align. I thought I would post the proposal here to hopefully trigger something or someone to incorporate into future projects!

So would love to hear your thoughts/feedback/encouragement/ideas/

Environmental & Social Legacy Proposal for 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

  1. Introduction

Climate Wave Enterprises (CWE) would like to provide a service on behalf of the 2018 Commonwealth Games by managing a solar legacy and arranging installation of solar systems for non-profit organisations that own, or have a long lease on suitable structures on the Gold Coast & South East Queensland. These organisations are benefiting their community, and whilst wishing to achieve a reduction in power costs and carbon footprint, often do not have the skills to explore such projects.

Calculation: Using as an example 21 Gold Coast Surf Life Saving Clubs and modelled on our previous installations at Kawana Waters Surf Life Saving Club in 2014 & the Dune Café (Currumbin RSL) 2016.

Kawana SLSC view of solar legacy

Kawana SLSC solar legacy

21 clubs x 50kW solar system x 21,150 kg of carbon per kW solar installed = 22,207,500 kg of carbon saved over a 15 year period.

22,207.5 tonnes equates to around 1,500 car emission per year.

$10,185,000 (approx.) savings over the 20/25 year life of the solar panels.

Jobs projection:

  • 1 x full time project management role
  • 10 x installation full time jobs over a year
  • 2 x full time maintenance jobs thereafter
  • 4 x network of supply chain and production full time jobs over a year
  1. Legacy

The 2018 Commonwealth Games has the potential to leave a credible combined environmental & social legacy of millions of dollars for the community. The alternative energy generated by the solar installations for their life can also contribute towards the events carbon offset. If this project gets underway immediately the visual display of renewable energy systems being installed on roofs will increase the uptake by the public, especially if this project is backed up by Queensland Government policies and incentives. This project can also serve as an education programme for the community while introducing them to government renewable energy incentives and policies.

  1. Action

Working in tandem with City of Gold Coast & Queensland Government, CWE project manager would contact all non-profit organisations that have suitable structures for solar power installations with an EOI and find out their energy needs. With that information a project outline with expected savings and costings will be discussed and working out the maximum efficiency from the installation.

  1. Process

Firstly a CWE project manager will be allocated a standard wage/compensation arrangement by GOLDOC. Then each organisation that wishes to receive the Commonwealth Games 2018 legacy will be visited by a professional solar technician to further assess the venues energy needs and structural requirements.

The next step is to determine the appropriate plan that suits each individual organisation e.g. the period of the lease of installation can be reduced if the organisation added funds from a grant or fundraising.

With this information CWE will arrange with the organisations the flow process to achieving an installation, bringing all stakeholders together and managing from start to finish. CWE will clarify with the participating organisations post install care procedure and usage modification plan to maximise environmental gain and saving for the organisations.

The installation company will also repair and maintain all systems for the period of the lease arrangement with no added costs to the organisation.

  1. Media

The 2018 Commonwealth Games legacy service will likely attract National and International media attention. The initiative is in line with the GC2018 Sustainability Priorities and builds on the success achieved in the sustainability category at the 2016 Australian Business Awards and provides numerous positive angles for the media to report on; the obvious and very significant sustainability achievement, grass-roots community involvement and ‘Green’ employment growth. The legacy service highlights the lasting positive impact the GC2018 will have for local not-for-profits and the community.  Additionally, as CWE is a Gold Coast based business as well as the installation company, it demonstrates GC2018’s commitment to supporting local businesses. The service will rapidly demonstrate financial and environmental gains, providing fast facts and solid projections/results for media to report on.

In addition to the traditional media interest, the initiative has great potential to be positively disseminated on the various GC2018 and other stakeholder’s social media platforms.  The solar panels provide a strong visual image of sustainability in action – making them powerful content for social media.  It is hoped they will create engaging conversation amongst the GC2018 and wider community.

Lastly, the legacy service will value add to the ISO 20121 conformity assessment and present further opportunities for GC2018 to enter various international & Australian sustainability, business, events and community awards.

  1. Testimonial

Legacy beneficiary from the 2014 Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast Eco Challenge.

President of the Kawana Waters SLSC, Kane Domio “After due process and the very capable assistance from both parties and a multitude of questions we are extremely happy to announce that Kawana Waters SLSC are not only going solar, but have a legacy to future generation of renewable energy and coupled with an exciting ongoing fundraising partnership.”

  1. About CWE

Climate Wave Enterprises has been involved with environmental benefit projects and initiatives that enhance our local community in South East Queensland since 2008.

Climate Wave Enterprises and associate partners have a passion for projects that involve the community by providing sustainable event management systems which can be moulded into the best outcome for all stakeholders.

Thank you for this opportunity to present this proposal for this iconic event and historical moment for the Gold Coast. As this proposal ticks all the right boxes for 2018 Commonwealth Games VISION, MISSION & OBJECTIVES we look forward to the games leaving many legacies and working with you to implement one of them.

working with the planet

Greg Howell

5 Oct 2017

Article/Information supplied by Greg Howell

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.