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98% waste/resource diversion from landfill

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Article by Greg Howell

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Climate Wave Enterprises Achieves a 98% Waste/Resource Diversion from Landfill Rate at Wanderlust Sunshine Coast Event

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At the Wanderlust, yoga, meditation, food and music festival, Climate Wave Enterprises and dedicated Eco Angel volunteers, achieved a 97.71% resource diversion from landfill rate. The festival concluded over the October 20-23 weekend at Novotel Twin Waters Resort, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

How did we achieve such a high level of resource diversion?

Over the four day period with 3500 attendees, our volunteer Eco Angels were able to collect over 1,000 kilograms of resource/waste which was then hand sorted and properly allocated. This included 22 recycle bins, 13 compostable bins, 7 bins of soft plastic and only half a bin of waste/landfill.

resource diversion from landfill sustainable event management

Our Eco Angels with Chris Goldsworthy of Party Bins “what only half a bin of landfill”

When broken down further, 46% of the total waste was recyclables followed by 45% being compostables. With the addition of Party Binsto the event, their meticulous detail and local advice completed the waste management system.

Earthborn generously offered to take the compostables collected from Wanderlust and introduced it to their Aerobic Composting Process. They treat compostables through numerous processes and create customised soils/potting mix/growing media for a variety of applications. Earthborn have also offered to return the finished product back to the Novotel Twin Waters to be spread on their gardens.

recycling soft plastics 98% resource diversion from landfill

Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast collecting soft plastic for recycling with

Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast assisted with education on plastic pollution and general coastal environmental campaigns. The Sunshine Coast Branch looks after an extensive stretch of pristine coastline, from Caloundra to Noosa and on to Double Island Point. The branch keeps busy with regular beach cleanups and dune care across the entire region. Their main local campaigns include the award winning ‘Clean Up Double Island Point Weekend’, run twice a year and regular ‘School Education’. They coordinate and manage the iconic ‘Eco Challenge’ sustainable event run annually and also conduct environmental awareness & education presentations at local surf, music & community events.

Special thanks goes out to all the volunteers, staff & crew of the Wanderlust Sunshine Coast festival.

Eco Angels attended to the ZeroHero waste management stations and educated attendees on how to sort waste accordingly for, recycling, organics/compostables and landfill. Their aid along with the desire to help the environment by the event attendees paved the way for such a high success rate.

98% resource diversion from landfill

Eco Angels attending the ZeroHero waste resource tents

For further inquiries on the event or to find out how to green your own event, contact Greg Howell, Climate Wave Enterprises; Sustainable Event Manager: or call +61 (0) 414 939 942.

by Michele Ziobro

For more information on this event see the previous news item ‘Wanderlust Sunshine Coast sustainable waste management

29 Nov 2016

Article/Information supplied by Greg Howell

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