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7 Tips to Create Eco Friendly Living at Home

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Article by Organic Box

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A step in the right direction towards Eco Friendly Living never has to be expensive or elaborate. In fact, tips five and six include ways to save money on bills! Do not carry around the heavy weight of guilt or shame because you cannot dive into purchasing all organic groceries or remodel your kitchen into an indoor vegetable garden! Begin with these seven steps and see where it leads you.

Plant Based Home Cleaners

Let’s face it! Everyone needs to clean… eventually! We may not clean as often as preferred or needed, but when we do, we have power over the products we select. Treat long and microscopic text warning labels on cleaning chemicals as a red flag, especially when it takes the alphabet to spell half of the ingredients. Stick with plant based cleaners, like Seventh Generation or Mrs. Myers. They are created with tremendously safer and Eco friendly ingredients and still get the job done!

As far as the lovely clean smell everyone desires after a deep house clean, aim to take home soy or beeswax candles! Soy or beeswax candles serve the purpose of any other candle without releasing harmful toxins. Yes, sadly toxins are released into the air of our homes from everyday items such as candles. For air purification purposes, introducing a houseplant is majorly beneficial. House plants such as Aloe Vera purify the environment by cleaning the air. (Aloe Vera also offers additional non-traditional medicinal benefits.)

Eco Friendly Bath Products

Eco Friendly bath products can include soaps made from goat milk, honey, or seaweed. These are all fun and affordably luxurious technique to be green while staying clean! Such earth friendly home products may even be accessible via local Farmers Markets. Another toiletry, toothpaste can be made with organic products right at home. Grocery store items to include are baking soda and organic peppermint or coconut oil. Voila!

Home Made Compost

A truly effortless activity to benefit the environment is recycling everyday products that would otherwise end up in a trashcan, into a compost pile instead! Simply use leftover food to create your very own compost. Popular products to add to the mix include but are not limited to leftover banana peels, egg shells, and used coffee grinds. If you do not have a need for compost, donate your pile to a local community garden!

Gas over Electric

Clean methods of providing energy include wind and water mills. However, it is unrealistic for every household to build their own personal wind and water mills. However, there are other reasonable resources available, such as gas (instead electric) kitchen appliance. A fast, efficient, and clean appliance example would include a gas cylinder for home cooking. Go the extra mile and actively research the best options for your home.

Canny About Canning

Need a new hobby? Can your own jam! Yes, that is what I typed. Can your own jam! This not only makes for tastier jam, but also makes great gifts, and creates an awesome sense of accomplishment. Instant gratification, with a side of homemade, healthy deliciousness! Make sure to research safe canning practices! Not doing so beforehand may lead to spoiled products and wasted resources. Fruits and vegetables are also other examples of other healthy goods popular to canning that will save money in the long run!

Pay Bills Online

If you feel comfortable doing so and have the option, create a new habit of paying bills online. This will reduce paper waste and the dread of receiving bills in the mail! Most companies even reward their clients for participating in their go green ideas, by becoming involved with their business via online methods. Rewards usually include a deduction off of a monthly bill, credit towards that specific service, or other nifty prizes.

Shower Song

Of course, the best tip was saved for last! Instructions are simple: pick a favorite song. For the duration of this song, remain in the shower and sing your heart out! Once the song ends, the water needs to be turned off. Understand the concept? The goal is to only remain in the shower for the duration of a single song. This is an easy rule for children to also get on board with and obediently follow. The end results will positively yield reduction of wasted water, reduction of wasted bath products, and a lower electricity bill.

18 May 2016

Article/Information supplied by Organic Box

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