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Eco Challenge dream coming true

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Article by Greg Howell

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Our dream is coming true of working on sustainable events but we got tired of trying to convince other event organisers to go down the right path so instead we developed our own…Eco Challenge Events. This has to be said,” it has been harder encouraging event organisers to change towards sustainable practices than threading the eye of a needle with a broken camels back”…you get what I mean :)


Working with our friends at Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast we have formalised an arrangement  with the Kawana Waters Surf Life Saving Club who will host this years event at the club. We are very excited because this partnership is what sustainable event management (SEM) is all about, the community coming together for everyone’s benefit. This event will be the culmination of knowledge, discussions &  research from three previous Eco Challenge events that will see us very close to the ideal sustainable event.


As surfers our love & passion for the ocean and coastal zone has slowly been formalising this arrangement by bringing all dedicated user groups together to share and encompass the beach lifestyle.

Legacy is an intricate component of sustainable event management and one reason we are so excited is that in recent months our timing is synchronizing with our needs, like meeting the right people. Gerry Mackenzie, solar power broker from MacEco was introduced to us by friends and passionate sustainability advocates Shasi & Dave Johnston from Coefficiency.


Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast president Craig MacIntyre met the president of  Kawana Waters Surf Life Saving Club, Kane Domio, Kane mentioned that the club was planning renovations in the near future.

“It has been on our minds for many years now…why don’t all the surf clubs have solar panels providing their energy needs?” said Greg Howell


We are proud to announce that a 50 Kilowatt solar power system (200 panels) will be installed at Kawana with immediate savings on their energy bill for the surf club and coupled with an ongoing fundraising solar referral program. This excellent outcome is the Legacy through sustainable event management practices  from hosting an Eco Challenge event.


This means for the surf club by hosting a one day event they’ll reap the benefits of free clean energy for at least 25 years $$$$$$$


Oh and this legacy just keeps giving with the arrangement we have with the designated solar provider for this project Green Initiatives who will donate $500 to the Kawana Waters Surf Life Saving Club and Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast for any of their members, friends or acquaintances who purchase a system and mention Eco Challenge.


Climate Wave Enterprises in partnership with Surfrider Foundation will be making this same arrangement available to all 25 Surfrider Branches and their local surf clubs around Australia in the future. There is a growing interest from other events and organisations about providing similar services and forming long term partnerships to sustainably manage their events in the future.


Don’t you just love a win win situation :)

Wooden surfboard expression session

Standing up to actively change the norm

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead



Greg Howell

Climate Wave Enterprises

working with the planet

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30 May 2014

Last Update: 31 May 2014

Article/Information supplied by Greg Howell

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