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Article by Paul Benhaim

In my last article I promised more about hemp processing, particularly about the 'holy grail' of hemp processing, infield decortication.


A lot has been said about ‘infield decortication’ over the years. As far as I know, all of the projects, both in large and small companies have failed. A good fibre decortication requires large investment and big machines. The same kind of machines are required if you need to use it on or off the field. So why would you invest in a machine on a field that you can only use for a few weeks, when you could store it in a facility and use it all year round for stored hemp. Also, most infield decortication test machines I have heard of throw away the hurd as it is a low value and bulk product. For the overall financial viability of a hemp production facility you need this hurd, and keeping this on field is not easy. Another reason I see this as unlikely is such heavy machines do not move easily on a field if it has rained. And rain it does. Claas was one of the big German companies who tried this in the 1990’s and made a working machine, but it failed to sell due to these problems – so they ended the item.


A market for hemp that is currently growing fast is the insulation market. Although hemp insulation is 3-4 times more expensive than glass fibre, there is support by the local, state and national governments to support natural fibre insulation materials. I believe this will grow very large, particularly with new air laid technology (unlike the usual needle punch technology) found in the UK, France and soon Netherlands.


Hemp plastics are also growing very fast. Hemp is an excellent natural way to reinforce plastics and is an alternative to glass fibre reinforcement. New technologies are allowing hemp to be used in a wider variety of plastics, including blending Hemp and Polylactic Acid (PLA) to produce a totally biodegradable strong plastic. Hemp and polypropylene (PP) is still the most popular blend.  Apple Inc. have been making trials with similar products, though nothing has been commercialized yet. Trials with PLA and bast fibres (including Kenaf, Jute and Hemp) have been used by Toyota and NEC to produce mobile phones, though there is no commercial production yet. The benefit of blending PLA with hemp is that PLA is not usually thermal stable. PLA cannot usually go above 60 degrees Celsius. With hemp reinforcement this can be increased to 210 degrees Celsius. Although the knowledge is there, this blend has not been commercialized yet, but expected soon.  Today, at least 25,000 ton of hemp plastic is being used per annum. The market is growing around 10-20% per year and we expect that political support for the natural fibre based plastics industry will assist this industry to grower larger, and faster than it has to date.


As to the potential of hemp, well it comes down to creating the market, and this is why I am passionate to bring you where I will personally invest my time in assisting those wanting to turn their hemp dreams into real and successful business by using proven techniques that have helped many others in regular business’ succeed above all others. Having 6 figures on educating myself in these methods over the years with various international companies I want to share this with you at embarrassingly low prices. It is not because I no longer value the information, it is because to make hemp a successful industry we need to succeed in mainstream industry.


If there is one tip I could give you now then that is to arm yourself with the very best information available. Spend what you need on books* and information to learn what there is to know. There is nothing more valuable than knowledge as that will be your foundation to creating your dreams. There is in fact just one more thing that you need to create a successful business, and with that I can guide you in a near fool-proof method to create what will in time be a business growing with the success only hemp can offer.  To find out what that is join me at



Books such as Growing Hemp For Profit, and Building With Hemp and the various hemp market reports that come with Building With Hemp will make a huge difference in your success.


Of course, A Modern Introduction To Hemp, if you have not read a concise and clear overview of the hemp industry will be invaluable. You can source that from any of the above sites or at


By the way, if you join the Building With Hemp mailing list you will receive a free formula for creating your own hemp binder. Have fun and be safe J


Whatever you choose to do, choose it for you and Plant Earth as you are one and the same.


Hempfully yours,



Ps. If you have not already purchased Growing Hemp For Profit – are you going to be one of the ‘it was a good idea if someone else done it?’ or are you going to be one of the ‘I told you so, look how much I profited and assisted the problems that nearly…’


P.p.s. By purchasing Growing Hemp For Profit or Building With Hemp you gain an automatic advanced position in the personal mentoring program for The Hemp Consultant and special offers related to the industry. In business they say it is who you know, and I know a lot of people I would love to network to you, so become a privileged member today and invest in your future, educate yourself now with Growing Hemp For Profit or Building With Hemp


P.p.p.s Can’t decide which book to start with – I recommend Growing Hemp For Profit  as the foundation to our growth starts with a seed…



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23 Jul 2010

Last Update: 25 Mar 2011

Article/Information supplied by Paul Benhaim

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.