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Sustainable surfing events

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Article by Greg Howell

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Say what? I hear you say… Sustainable surfing events, How can a surfing event be sustainable with all the petrochemicals used in the manufacture of the equipment and accessories that surfers use?


NOTE: At this point if you follow my blog you maybe thinking here he goes again on the green surfing bandwagon and you’d be right :) But please read on this time I’m not just flapping my gums about it, I’m actually getting active and organising my own event…Climate Wave, Eco Challenge Gold Coast – wooden surfboard expression session.

Ok back on track…Well they’re nowhere near sustainable yet…nothing is 100% But there is movement towards sustainability in surfing (not faster enough & by too few but movement) The good people at SustainableSurf in partnership with Volcom, Rip Curl and others are growing this grassroots return within the evolution of surfing.

Surfing wooden surfboards

Hawaïian royalty surfing

One of the first depictions of surfing was Hawaiian royalty standing on wooden planks riding waves. We’ll never be able to return to that sort of purity but with industry innovators and an encouraging greener youth market it’s exciting to see this path being trod.

SustainableSurf progams:

  • Waste to Waves
  • ECOBOARD Project
  • Deep Blue Surfing Event





Ok here it is, finally a reality! The Climate Wave, Eco Challenge Gold Coast – wooden surfboard expression session.

This is the reason I first became interested in sustainable event management (SEM), thinking Climate Wave could green the ASP Dream Tour which attempts were made here in Australia but ASP management at the time decided not to attempt that sort of innovative practice. So I applaud SustainableSurf for accomplishing these leaps towards greener surfing.


Credit must go to Sally Atkinson & Craig McIntyre from Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast who held the first Eco Challenge in 2012. Climate Wave were asked and supplied basic information for their first event but all the hard work was theirs and a successful event was had and continues Golden Days Festival Surfrider Eco Challenge

On Sunday the 16th of March 2014 9am to 1pm at Tomewin St, Currumbin Beach as part of Bleach Boulevard the Eco Challenge Gold Coast – wooden surfboard expression session will take place. This event using alternative surf craft will fund-raise for Surfrider Foundation, Rise Above Plastics project while having maximum fun.


The plan so far:

  • With guidance from Grant Newby and the wooden surfboard community an expression session format will be developed.
  • The site at Tomewin St beach will be a small footprint of 5 tents, including Surfrider Foundation, Coast Ed, BeachCare, Shapers, Expressionisters

At this point I’d like to thank everyone that has shown support to date and ask those that would like to offer positive influences to step forward. Please feel free to forward this message to anyone that may be interested in supporting.


The Eco Challenge Gold Coast is interested in hearing from sponsors who would like to align themselves with this event which will be following sustainable event management guidelines and practices.


  • Sponsors
  • In-kind donors
  • Green supply chain
  • Volunteers

So please share this blog and keep your eye out for updates.


If you have an interest in sustainable event management (SEM) you might be interested in joining a Google+ social media Community “How to Green Your Event” I’ve recently started up?


It’s an online community to share, help, encourage, offer advice, raise discussion points, promote events and feature products and people in the sustainable event management industry.


You’ll need a Google Account to join, but if you don’t have one already, click here to find out how to do that.


+Greg Howell


working with the planet - Climate Wave Enterprises

19 Sep 2013

Article/Information supplied by Greg Howell

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