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Greening events & dunes

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Article by Greg Howell

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When I approached our newly formed boardriders club, 65 1/2 as there sustainable event manager and suggested we incorporate Dune Care into our community activities at our local beach it was warmly welcomed. So I set out on the path to Greening our events & dunes.

Greening events & dunes & eating ice cream

Ben and Jerry’s team film dune care


Through my many years with Surfrider Foundation I’ve appreciated that if you have a healthy dune system it benefits the sand banks we surf on. So with the boardriders club backing the move I approached Naomi Edwards and Joel Hayes,BeachCareCoordinators for Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, Gold Coast campus to start our own plot.

We selected the area between Flat Rock Creek and the Tugun Surf lifesaving Club and today got stuck in to beautify and stabilise our dune system by removing invasive weeds and planting native ground cover species.

Greening events & dunes, Joel educates family on dune care

This family Googled dune care & found our site

Fortunately for us Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company were looking for a community group to provide free ice cream on their last day of aneast coast promotional tour. Also as an added bonus the Ben & Jerry’s Surfers Paradise shop donated $1 towards our dune care plot for every ice cream sold on the day.

At first when I was approached about having a company wanting to give away their products at our event I was wary. For two reasons, our boardriders club have high ethical, social and environmental values and would not pander to just any company wanting to use us to further their sales.

Secondly as surfers we constantly battle with plastic pollution circling us in the water and washing up on our beach. After researching Ben & Jerry’s website I was more than satisfied that this company incorporate sustainability into their everyday production even to the extent of attaining a marketing company that follow similar goals.

So I contacted the manager of the promo road tour and asked for no plastic be distributed on the day and could they provide alternative products. I was told at that late stage they could not source an environmentally friendly substitute, to which I replied “That’s ok I’ll bring my own” and was happy that they welcomed my suggestion. I had on hand some PLA (polylactic acid) spoons which are made from plant polymers and break down to an organic matter with in months unlike the plastic product that leaches chemicals for many years.

Greening events & dunes Boardriders, dune care & ice cream

The groms nearly missed out on ice cream

Everyone was happy :) , we had a good turnout of volunteer’s eager to get sandy hands and indulge afterwards with Ben & Jerry’s treats which my favourite was Phish Food – Chocolate Ice Cream with Gooey Marshmallow Swirls, Caramel Swirls & Fudge Fish…yummy!!!

What’s your favourite?

Want more info on greening events & dunes drop me a line.

+Greg Howell

Climate Wave Enterprises – working with the planet

22 Apr 2013

Article/Information supplied by Greg Howell

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