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Your vibration your health


Article by Marc de Bruin

Your vibration, your health.

by © marc de bruin

I am going to make a bold statement here; sit still, here it comes: your health is dependent, and dependent only, on the way you think and feel about it.

 Is that bold, or not? You may agree, or may think I am a complete fool to think that way, but bear with me for a while. And may I remind you that this is just my belief about health; everybody else's beliefs about it are just as true, from their perspective. I am just attempting to get you thinking about your own ideas and beliefs, and then either confirm them or change them (if you feel the need to).

My belief system about my physical and mental health has been formed over the years, listening to people talking about the subject, undertaking my training in Body Stress Release, coaching and NLP, and reading many books on the topic. People like Deepak Chopra, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Louise Hay, the books of Seth, the teachings of Abraham, the Course in Miracles, and more recently people like Candace Pert, Caroline Myss and Lynn Grabhorn (and many, many others) all share a similar opinion, that I hold too: "the state of your physical and mental health is connected to your mental state of mind". Even modern day medicine is slowly coming to the realisation that there is this thing called the "mind-body connection". The researchers are only not really sure how it works. And hey, you cannot blame them for that; even I haven't got a clue how it works, but I definitely experience it working!

We vibrate

In my humble opinion our physical and mental health have got to do with the way we vibrate mentally and emotionally. "Excuse me?", you (may) say. "The way we vibrate ?" Yes, the way we vibrate.

We are all energy-emitting creatures. That is not woo-woo stuff, it is just the way it is; ask any scientist. We consist of cells, atoms, protons, neutrons, and-more-of-those-small-things-that-I-don't-know-the-name-of. All these small parts of us have an electro-magnetic load, which means that they vibrate at a certain frequency. Which in turn means that we (human beings) as a sum-total of these parts, vibrate at a certain rate and thus emit energy. That is why, for instance, you can sometimes feel somebody standing behind you, although you did not see, hear, smell or taste this person coming. You just picked up the vibration of that person.

Moreover, I hold the belief that we stem from a "higher" (although that is not the right word, but anyway) source. You may call that source "God", "Allah" or whatever you like, but I believe there is a Life Force, or Source Energy, that we emanate from. Ideally , we are direct extensions of this Source Energy (we are the sons (& daughters) of God), and are therefore vibrating at the same frequency as the Source does, in which ideal case we would have a "godlike" experience, experiencing perfect health until the day we pass on to another realm of reality.

With us humans, it usually works a bit differently. We have all kinds of beliefs (limiting beliefs, that is) about the source of our creation, about how health "works", and about how our bodies function and should be treated. The upshot is, that the majority of us vibrate at a -let's say- less than divine frequency, with all its consequences. We cut ourselves off from our eternal life flow through our limiting beliefs (which are "energy" in their own right), and that makes us prone to falling ill. That's my belief, anyway.


Illness, therefore -and here comes another bold statement- is nothing more than being cut off from the (read "our") life force to such a degree that our bodies start deteriorating. The cells in our body, that normally and ideally vibrate at a high, divine frequency, start to slow their pace down, and starve themselves from the life force they need to maintain their health. When our cells do that long enough they will naturally grow ill.

This cutting off from the eternal stream of life (nice and "out there", isn't it?) happens through our thinking . This is where the mind -and where coaching as well, but more about that later- comes in. We are all connected to "the universe", and to our Source Energy (I believe that to be a fact) but we can certainly think we are not.

Thoughts are energy too, they have their own vibration. Thought vibrations influence the vibration of our bodies' building blocks, the cells, both positively and negatively. If you habitually think in terms of limitation and lack, you'll send out vibrations of limitation and lack and as a result feel rotten, to which your body will respond with physical limitation and lack. Quite logical, really. If, on the other hand, you habitually think in terms of abundance of resources, potential and opportunity (which really is our natural state), you will send out vibrations of potential and opportunity and feel swell, to which your body will respond with health and feeling good.

Believe it or not, people who habitually think positively and feel good about themselves, are usually the healthy ones, and people who are frequently down in the dumps, feeling unhappy, are usually the ones that have all kinds of physical discomforts going on. They have cut themselves off from their eternal source of life, due to their thoughts of blame, guilt, anxiety and whatever nasty is out there.

Thought mistake

Simply speaking, being sick means you have made a thought-mistake (now there's another bold statement). You have decided, most likely subconsciously, to pinch off the waves of "feeling healthy" energy, thereby throwing yourself at the mercy of viruses, bacteria etc. that before did not have any chance of invading you, but now suddenly do. It is always a matter of a lowered level of resistance in your body that allows those "sick makers" to latch on. Viruses and bacteria are in the air always . We all have cells with cancerous properties in them. What makes one person more susceptible to them than another is the way we think (and subsequently behave) in relation to our health and wellbeing in general.

So how does coaching blend in to all this? Well, coaching is all about finding out what your values in life are, which beliefs you hold, and what rules you have in place based upon the former two. This broadly speaking translates into three questions:

•  What is really important to you (values)?

•  What do you believe to be true in your life (beliefs)?

•  For you to feel your values, what do you believe needs to happen?

In terms of the topic of health, a coach can help you bring up those values, beliefs and rules, and find out what the behaviour is and/or has been that you have based upon these values, beliefs and rules. For instance, if you don't value your body as your temple, you might believe that smoking and eating junk food is quite justified, which will have certain effects on your health. And vice versa off course!

Be aware that many of your values, beliefs and rules aren't ones that you deliberately chose to have. Very often the majority of our solid beliefs stem from what our parents have taught us verbally, or by the way they lived. The environment that you grew up in is also a great contributor to your forming of values, beliefs and rules about life. And there are more contributing factors. So don't think "I did not choose to be sick, so how come I am?" No, you did not choose that state of health on purpose, but certainly accepted it into your life by the values, beliefs and rules that you decided to accept as well earlier in your life.

Once you've uncovered what your values, beliefs and rules in relation to health are (consciously or subconsciously "chosen"), you can then either chuck them out and replace them, or keep them. Moreover, you can devise new behaviour, that more suits the types of values, beliefs and rules that you would like to have in your life, and start taking affirmative action to achieve better health. Awareness is all it takes, followed by affirmative action.


From a coaching perspective -be aware that my personal opinion is embedded in this- I would like you to believe that ANY illness is reversible, no matter how gravely ill you might be. There are plenty of cases where people on the verge of dying made full recovery. The medical profession doesn't really know what to do with this, and calls it "spontaneous remission", or something else vague. A fact is, though, that it does happen! Why not take those events in other people's lives as your touch-stone and build beliefs and new behaviour based on them? You might be surprised!

Most important in light of what I wrote before, it is my highest desire that everyone adopts the belief that we all are connected to the ever flowing stream of Life, and that by thinking (and subsequently behaving) healthy, we will be and stay healthy. I sincerely believe that, if we are able to change our thinking in such a way that we become more attuned to the vibrations of our Source Energy (oh dear, this does sound airy-fairy doesn't it?), we cannot be anything else but healthy, physically and mentally. Think in terms of "wants" and stay away from thoughts of "don't wants" (this is what Lynn Grabhorn talks about in her book "excuse me, your life is waiting"), and your own vibrational level will undoubtedly rise. It's a universal law, I believe. With the rise of your vibrational level, your health level cannot do anything else but follow suit!

But again, that's just my personal desire and belief. As a coach, it is my job to let my client create goals around health that are suitable for him/her. What I think of health might be interesting (and I'll happily tell the client all about it), but isn't important for my client in terms of goal-setting and achieving. The client will have to come up with his/her own goals, and find out what the values, beliefs and rules in place are, after which new thought patterns can be defined and instilled (if necessary). There are many methods to do this, all boiling down to the maxim: "change your thinking, change your life".

I hope that with this article I have at least given you some food for thought. I'm not asking you to agree with what I'm suggesting, only to acknowledge the fact that (through coaching) you can change whatever you believe into even more honouring and effective beliefs, should you find a need to do so.

Your life is what you think of it. Reality is nothing more than the sum-total of all your thoughts, put into your perspective. That gives you the power to constantly adapt and change, if you are willing to believe that!

Article provided by :

Marc de Bruin

Landmarc Coaching& Health Solutions - web-site

11 Sep 2012

Article/Information supplied by Marc de Bruin

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.