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Palm and Hand analysis

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Article by Bridgit Lawson

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Bridgit Lawson - Palmistry Palm Reader - Palmistry - Tarot - I Ching - Handwriting Analysis
Palmist with 40 years experience - In-depth Hand analysis. Each persons palm is unique and provides fascinating information and insights on hidden talents and abilities.
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'The Palm and the Hand in Hand analysis.'

Article by Bridgit Lawson ©

'The Palm and the Hand in Hand analysis.'

The lines on the hand tell us the direction our life energies are heading. They will give us information about how we express ourselves, consciously and unconsciously. Pointers for future developments may certainly be seen on the palm, as a person's behaviour and choices in the present affects his/her future, and the line configurations will reflect this.

When a full hand analysis ( a 'reading ) is conducted both hands must be carefully examined, as each hand represents quite distinct areas of our characters. In hand analysis we refer to active and passive hands. A right handed persons' right hand is their 'active' hand  and their left is their 'passive' Of course in a left handed person this is reversed.The hand that is used for writing is the'active' hand. This is why there are sometimes quite noticeable differences between the hands.

The palm is also a repository of past events and is often clearly on the active hand, to a lessor extent on the passive. So, in a full analysis we are looking at a 'balance' between the hands. It can be seen how a person absorbs family and cultural influence and how they then make independent choices and achieve through personal effort, The active hand represents the conscious self, the passive hand is more concerned with the unconscious self, though they both dynamic hands and the lines on both hands will change as a persons' life develops. This change is usually subtle, though sometimes quite sudden changes can occur in a short period of time, especially if vibrant, exciting or dramatic things are happening in a persons' life.

The passive hand is more concerned with hereditory characteristics. In some disciplines of palmistry, this hand has also been recognized as the hand that registers 'past life' information.It is the hand that will show our full talents and our full potential. These qualities (and talents), if the person wishes, could be developed and exploited. If this occurs, eventually it may be seen in the active hand.

The active hand represents the individual, that part of the character which is open and accessible to the outside world. This hand also gives us a look at the 'here and now' as the qualities in it are being realised within life at present.

There are many different assortments of lines, even for the major lines. The lines are drawn to the different areas of the palm because of the personality or physical structure whose hands are being studied. The major lines are always present in some form as they represent our basic energies and drives. A hand analysis is a wonderful way to connect to your 'deep' self and to gain insight on your abilities, as well to understand how your future is developing from the choices you make today.

Bridgit Lawson ©

28 Aug 2012

Article/Information supplied by Bridgit Lawson

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