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Meditating and being comfortable

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Article by Robert & Shauna Kendall

Meditating and being comfortable

by Robert Kendall

There are no mistakes in Meditating, only experiences and it is important that you become comfortable with the technique you choose to follow.

Now ‘comfortable’ is an interesting word, because if you are comfortable all the time with meditation then maybe you’re not getting the best results out of your meditations.

So if we are not after being ‘comfortable” - what are we after?   Meditation is all about finding your own personal map.
Now you need to understand that if you are doing it right, you will at times feel ‘uncomfortable’ because what blocks you or what mind pattern you use to protect yourself will begin to be revealed.

To go deeper into yourself you must pass beyond your normal constructs, pass your normal way of seeing, hearing, feeling, living and thinking.

The mind will need to move from what is comfortable to being uncomfortable, so that it can have greater comfort at a higher level.

With each breakthrough, the mind will have reorganised itself into a greater sense of wholeness.

Think of your mind as a jigsaw puzzle with only certain parts of the picture formed.  The rest is separate and mixed up.  You have to find the right pieces and build the picture.

If the brain has learnt to believe in separation (this happens naturally by simply being born in a body into a world) then it will see the world in the same way.  In fact it will also organise the body, emotions and brain into separate compartments. People will separate their body sensations from their thinking minds. They forget that it is all one unit. You can experience how jumbled your mind is by how separate you feel from the rest of your world.

We get trapped in the separation, the dualism, and the polarities of life. Yin/yang; yes/no; up/down; female/male; we organise life into separate compartments and label them depending on our belief systems.  E.g... Men are good; men are bad; women cry a lot; kids are too noisy; you need money to be happy; you can’t trust people; there’s no such thing as a good politician; etc. etc.

Think of yourself (the True Self) as a Light bulb that is always on, shinning bright and beautiful. Then along comes your belief systems taught by family and friends. With each belief the light bulb gets a coat of paint. The light is still strong and beautiful but it is losing its ability to shine and illuminate.

By choosing to meditate we peel away the paint; we don’t have to create the light just clear the layers off the bulb.

When we meditate we expand our view, we let go of our beliefs and as we do we lift up out of the grass where we saw only one blade, until we see the field, the district, the state, the country, the world, the solar system, the Universe.

As each level of our awareness grows, we begin to realise we are a Divine Being having a Human experience and that there is nowhere to really go. You are already at the beginning and the end, here, now and eternal.

Remember its all okay, it is just practice and you have eternity to get it right.

20 Aug 2012

Article/Information supplied by Robert & Shauna Kendall

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.