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2012 and Beyond Time of Transformation

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Article by veronica garrett

2012 and Beyond ......   Time of Transformation.

Solution’ Focused Life Coaching .........meeting the Challenges of our Changing World.

Holistequine Equine Assisted Life Coaching

The Mayan calendar was not kept as a record of events but rather it is a “map of life”. A map of creation to energetically link the human heart and the heart of the Earth with the Universe...2012 is neither a beginning nor an end but an opportunity to open out hearts to multidimensional knowledge and, an opportunity to create a new world.

To create this new world however we will need to restructure our “thinking”. We will learn to think with the heart and love with the mind and because “linear” time is a constraint of the left brain we will need to open and trust all the new information waiting to flow through our right creative brain.

Earth and its inhabitants are evolving which means that all matter is being raised to a higher vibration, a higher vibration of unconditional love ................... a state of being already established in the animal kingdom.

Our horses help you gain clarity and provide an understanding of how Spiritual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Intellectual Intelligence need to be integrated in order to move into the future. Not a future filled with fear and doubts but one of unparalleled promise.

Spiritual Intelligence opens a doorway for us to co-create our future, IQ gives us the ability to make it happen and emotional intelligence is the "glue" we need to ground it all and be able to express ourselves with compassion and unconditional love.
You will become more aligned with who you are and become more empowered as a spiritual being.  You will achieve this using our Whole Body Intelligence© system which has been developed over 15 years of understanding the horse as a mirror to our Spirit and seeing how horses can be integral in helping us on our life path..................................

The Holistequine horses provide experiential learning situations, inspiring sustainable positive changes in your lives..............your growth becomes exponential through learning about yourself your relationships with others and your cosmic heritage.  

You will notice how horses respond to you in a way that mirrors how others in your lives also respond, and it exposes how we have ‘done life’ up until now.  Horses have the amazing ability to see through the masks we wear, the foggy or unpeeled layers in us that we might not understand or own in ourselves as yet.  As a being of unconditional love our horse is always looking for us to reach our highest potential. 

These majestic creatures are a constant source of feedback for us to learn from.  Imagine having a horse teach you what a healthy boundary is or to show you how you can express yourself to others with authority and unconditional love to get the best outcome for all.

You will become more in touch with your higher self and live your life more in line with your life’s purpose.  You will earn to be more of who you really are, to live in your integrity and excel on your earth journey.
You will not only begin to understand the ebb and flow of life but as you grow you will master your  “shadow side” and bring it into the light ....................

In our busy day to day lives we are conditioned to predominately use our left brain however to become more (whole brained) we must marry and balance our right and left brain so that they work as ONE. 

The first workshop is on August 11th and 12th at Cooroy.  You will work hands on alongside our horses to find your own solutions from within, providing the tools and reference points that will equip you for ‘2012 and beyond’.  Cost is $385 for the two days, including lunch on both days.

To actively be a part of your Solution journey give Veronica a call on 07 55 425 353
Prior horse experience is not necessary.

13 Jul 2012

Article/Information supplied by veronica garrett

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.