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Holistequine...The Science behind horses in Life Coaching

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Article by veronica garrett

The “Science” behind Holistequine and horses in life coaching

When I began with horses in back in the early 90’s there were then only a handful of people doing similar work and it was known as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, now there are many versions and different interpretations of “Equine Assisted Therapy”.

For Holistequine it was to be a long journey before all the pieces fell into place. I knew with all the years of study that the answer to “health and wellbeing” was in understanding Vibrational Medicine, that everything is a vibration (even thoughts and ideas) and that the vibration we focus on is the same vibration we put out to the world.....hence the move away from calling our work “therapy” (problem focused) into life coaching (solution focused)

We soon developed a unique system with our horses called Whole Body Intelligence, a holistic philosophy and a scientifically based set of exercises; a practical interactive method we now use to balance left and right brain function and to align human consciousness.

We will see the importance of left, right brain balance as it relates to emotional intelligence and wellbeing later

Unlike the animals humans generally have lost touch with the natural world however the horses can now show us how to reconnect to this world of inner wisdom and obtain our own inner guidance to transform our lives

Just as a balance of Ph is responsible for healthy, balanced BODY chemistry we believe that to use each side of the brain equally is the key for mental/ emotional and Spiritual balance

Left/right brain function

During the sessions and courses we learn the reason why it is so important to obtain a balance between these two hemispheres. We not only see how these two entities (L/R brain) are symbolic of our “dualities” and a representation of “polarities” but we will also gain an understanding of why we need to align these two and  how horses can be a catalyst for achieving this balance.

Over eons of time humans have left their natural Alpha state of being to become predominantly left brain as, in a hectic world they struggle to stay ahead of the game, only feeling safe to retreat into their relaxed Alpha mode occasionally; conversely horses are naturally in a relaxed right brain state and only come out of this when they are stressed i.e. in fight/flight.   

Now with an appreciation of what it means to be “switched’ (explained below) we will be able to align our body, mind and spirit by balancing the left/right brain. To understand this we will need to know what the two sides of the brain do

                                                         As we begin to understand how the two sides of our brains function we will clearly see that in order to live a successful life we will need for these two sides to be coherent


*Left brain is problem focused         right brain solution focused

*The left brain look at “parts”          right brain looks at “wholes”

                                   *Sees the trees                                      *Sees the forest                                    

Both sides of the brain are of equally value, there is no good or bad side, no right or wrong, for example we often would not take on a project if we only looked at the big picture (“wholes”/right brain).

 In many cases we need to bring it down into “parts” in order to attempt it, otherwise if we only looked at the big picture it would be too daunting a task.

When we realise that our left brain is “problem focused” we can then see why, if we spend most of our day in this side that it too would be a “problem”. As a predominantly left brain society we can now appreciate how we have worn tracks in our “Beta” brain and this being the case it can then be hard for us to focus only on the “solution”. Our horse does not have this “problem”.


Basic Neuroscience

We will need to go into a basic understanding of how our brain functions to appreciate its application in the WBI work with horses, especially the advanced round yard work.

The cerebral hemispheres are divided down the middle into a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere. Each hemisphere appears to be specialized for some behaviour. The hemispheres communicate with each other through a thick band of 200-250 million nerve fibres called the corpus callosum. The right side of the brain controls muscles on the left side of the body and the left side of the brain controls muscles on the right side of the body. Also, in general, sensory information from the left side of the body crosses over to the right side of the brain and information from the right side of the body crosses over to the left side of the brain. Therefore, switching or neurological miscommunication to one side of the brain will affect the opposite side of the body.

The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa

This being true, how can we be fully functional until these two sides of the brain have learnt to “speak” to each other?

How often do we say one thing and mean another, how often do we recognise this trait in our self and also recognise when others are doing the same. How often do we tell someone what they want to hear to save “face” or because we do not want to upset them

Psychologists say we are all two people living in the same body, and because of this split personality we are often not fully conscious of what we say or do.


How WBI works to connect our hemispheres.

Kinesiology means the study of motion, in particular the study of how muscles which are controlled by our brain act and coordinate to move the body.

“Switching” is a term in Kinesiology given to a neurological disorganisation within the “wiring” of the brainand happens when the signalling within the nervous system becomes reversed in one or more of the three dimensions.This disorganization of the neurological system creates confusion and the reason for this confusion is normally an electro-magnetic polarity reversal within the brain.Therefore our philosophy is simple in that as electro- magnetic beings to be “whole” again surely we need to have both of these aspects or polarities balanced.

Our physical bodies are controlled by energy however when the energy that runs the body (via the brain) becomes disorganised the functions (organs, glands, muscles etc) it directs is also affected

If you have trouble following directions, are overly clumsy, have “brain fog” suffer from quick temper or mood changes, or have learning difficulties. Then you may be "switched" or have a problem with neurological organization.

Electro-magnetic overload, food sensitivity, lack of sleep can also cause “switching’

“Emotional overload or mental stress is another cause of switching. A conflict between what you should do and what you want to do often causes the brain to switch. When switched, you can do what you want to do and it seems or feels to you to be the right thing to do (even when it isn't). A typical example is the fat person who knows that they shouldn't eat ice cream... and then enjoys eating a half-gallon (two litres) and literally can't stop until they are unable swallow another bite.
Under enough stress, everyone will go into a state of right-left switching. When you start bumping into tables and door jams, you have probably become switched” Everyone with learning difficulties or coordination difficulties has (at least most of the time) right-left switching. The extreme of the range of learning difficulties is called dyslexia. In my experience, all dyslexics are right-left switched. Right-left switching is characterized by mental confusion and/or physical poor coordination. When you hear yourself say "26" when you meant "62", or when you point to the right and say, "turn left here", you can be sure that you have become "switched"....
Dr. Robert Frost...............

From our own experience at Holistequine and working with children I would also add AD/HD to this list

Basically the nervous system has two functions: to receive information and to transmit information. Switching then seems to be due to a functional error in information processing.

Improper transmission from sensory receptors (information from external stimuli to brain) causes the Central Nervous System (our brain and spinal cord) to create inappropriate strengthening and weakening of the muscles and formation of incorrect neural patterns and responses.

Neurological disorganization or switching essentially is the body's response to a stimulus overload - Physical, Psychological or Nutritional / Chemical.

There is also a more serious type of switching that can manifest as physiological and mental confusion with symptoms such as a lack of spatial awareness, confusion between right and left, struggling to be in ‘now-time’, being ‘all-in-the-head’ and cut off from feelings, as well as learning and memory problems

At Holistequine we believe that this ‘switching” problem is symptomatic of the imbalance of functionality between the Beta and Alpha (left & right brain) state and we address it the same way we correct all other “polarities”...through alignment with the higher vibration of the horse.

Does this horse appear to be flying towards you or away from you? If you can only see it going one way it means your brain is “switched”....... if you can see it flying both ways, great it means that your left and right hemispheres are balanced



The brain controls the body

The horse life coach takes us to a level of vibration of “un-switching’ and allows the Spiritual/intuitive input to come through the right brain to align with logical information (left brain) so that the two hemispheres work in unison. Once these two sides of the brain start “taking” to each other we get congruency of body, mind and Spirit

Advanced round yard work

Using the principals of Kinesiology and Vibrational Medicine

The higher the vibration of the cells in our body, the healthier we become, however to reach this “vibration” we must overcome the equal but opposing vibration of our “negative” thoughts and emotions. In the past we had all sorts of “therapy” to resolve our “issues” NOW our Life Coaching horse can immediate a change merely with transference of energy

In the past “therapy” required us to wade through our subconscious blocks, the part of the mind with all its restrictions of “can’t do”, “shouldn’t do, not good enough etc whereas working in a session with our horses we now learn to fly over these hurdles.

We will see by doing free circular energy work with our horse where our subconscious blocks are and clear them at a higher energetic frequency.

In the switched state the mental focus and physical ‘driving” force of the person will not correlate with the horse’s balanced brain and therefore we will not get any actions.

This exercise with the horse is an example of how a lack of integration of the central nervous system correlates with the body and might play out in real life; meaning that this exercise allows us to experience the inconsistencies of our thoughts with our actions.


While doing the free circular work with our horse, one direction will relate to our right brain/feminine/heart energy and our emotional Intelligence while the other, opposite circle will relate to our left brain/masculine/logic. As we focus on directing our horse in either direction we must bring the energy through the HEART CHAKRA through the opposite sides of the body to “drive” our horse. Our horse ONLY responds to A BALANCE OF BOTH HEMISHERES. The WILL that is our energy coming through our mind PLUS the LOVE coming through our heart

Because this bio- feedback (in this case lack of response) comes via our horse through our “feeling centres” we absorb it with unconditional love.

We now have the reference point for “thinking with our hearts and loving with our minds”                        According to recent research it has been estimated that a person's Emotional Intelligence Quotient (Right brain) accounts for 80% * of success in the workplace. Although an employer will of course look for someone with left brain academic ability it is the right brain that holds the key to our non verbal communication skills and our emotional intelligence.

We use horses as facilitators in life coaching because they HOLD THE HIGHER VIBRATION OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND “SERVICE”

Anyone who works with horses knows that to get a positive outcome it is not enough to just speak your truth you also have to ACT your truth. For our horse not to get mixed messages we must align verbal with non verbal communication. In other words we must say what we mean and mean what we say! Anything less is confusion to our horse.

If we do not speak our truth to others, no matter how hard it might be at the time we are denying them (and ourselves) an opportunity for growth. If we “let it go” we are doing them a dis-service as they will not get the chance to see that their actions are not congruent with their words. How often have we said “I don’t do that” when in actual fact we do! How often do we do something without realising it and then a friend or family member tells us the truth. We need not only to be able to GIVE this information honesty but also to RECEIVE it honesty ..............we then have healthy emotional intelligence

If we do not have our thoughts congruent with our words we too send out mixed messages to others. We then not only have disastrous relationships but holistic principals suggest we will also, by internalising our emotions create dis-ease in our bodies

The horses have shown us that by marrying the polarities of the Alpha and Beta brainwaves we can positively and powerfully amplify our intentions out to the world and change human consciousness.

We know that animal resonate unconditional love so could our human ailments be simply a matter of us recognising and claiming this higher state within our own Spirit. Could Obesity and Anorexia, for example simply be a case of loving the side of us that our horse reflects back?

During a life coaching session an energetic transference occurs between horse and client. Because the horse has a higher frequency of 7.8 Htz this is “felt” and then used as a “reference point”.................... The horse has become an energetic feedback mechanism for the client to “recognise” and then claim their own potential.

The Holistequine belief is that many of our common ailments can be resolved once we ‘connect” these two aspects of self, once the two sides of our brain learn to communicate with each other. It might sound complicated until we realise we are not talking about emotions as tangible obstacles but as ENERGY .......and as we know energy only needs to be transformed

When we choose a life coaching equine partner to train with he/she becomes a two way mirror for healing our own and our his/her vibration

Switching, as we have seen has numerous causes and must be addressed on the causative level, for example food sensitivity by eliminating allergenic foods, lack of sleep by improving lifestyle etc.

However switching caused by emotional and mental triggers are a little harder to pinpoint but the good news is through the work we have done in our Whole Body Intelligence study we have seen that it could be as simple as using our horse as a mirror to retrain our brains back into balanced brain wave frequency

The greatest gift from my horses has been for me to see that it is only my ego that can hold me back and it is only my ego that stops me from seeing the bigger picture, that if I can tune into my horse’s Spirit I too can fly

.In summary.................

We can see now the importance of a balanced brain........for our right brain creates our visions and dreams and our left brain to ground them.

To have a complementary balance of intuition and logic is to Co-create. It can be a one step or a twenty step process and means we step through life by gathering intelligence or information in the physical world and then go to our higher intelligence /right brain to form a plan of action.

When we function by using our “whole body intelligence” we are using the parts of our “mind” that scientists say is the hidden 90%. And when we become rock solid in this power base we cannot be negatively influenced or manipulated by others..............those around us will then see this strength and will want to emulate it.

Looking at a “vibration model” (as bio-feedback) in equine assisted life coaching we also see that to overcome the “lower vibration” of our emotions and negative past programming etc. held in our subconscious /left brain we only need to focus on our new vision.........and because our EALC horses are already “holding” this vision/vibration it makes sense that they can show us the way.

29 Mar 2012

Article/Information supplied by veronica garrett

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.