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Multidimensional Psychology - The Path to Joyful Evolution

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Article by John Waters

Multidimensional Psychology (MDP) - The Path to Joyful Evolution

Ever wondered how you can have a lot of insight into your problems & patterns and yet can’t seem to change them?  

To understand what is happening it is important to recognise that we actually have 3 selves - a conscious, subconscious and superconscious self.  Each of our selves has free will & independence, because each is an aspect of the Universal Presence (UP), in fact a portal for the UP to experience different aspects of its own Consciousness.  

So having free will means that sometimes our subconscious, in particular, believes it knows what is best for us and follows its own path to try and protect our security, safety and happiness. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always have the big picture of where we need to go spiritually and in terms of our life purpose and so the subconscious different perspectives and intentions that have often emerged at traumatic times in our earlier life/lives lead us to be at war with ourselves. We only have to look around at our world to see that this inner war plays out in it too. So healing our subconscious will ultimately heal the world too. 

Hence, we need to develop a co-operative and co-creative relationship between all 3 selves and the way to do this has been formulated in a new spiritual psychology called Multidimensional Psychology.  The process of “Joyful Evolution” has been developed by Gordon Davidson, an esoteric  teacher and author.  It is unique in working with all 3 selves in a conscious way which allows us, perhaps for the first time in the evolution of human consciousness, to build a living line of light all the way from the Soul (superconscious) to deep within the subconscious. This means that our entire psyche can be enlightened, using processes including the 3 Selves meditation and the guidance process conducted co-creatively with your guide.  

MDP provides the opportunity to develop self-reliance so that all issues can be resolved from inner transformation that then leads to outer relational transformation. In this way it can take the heat out of our expectations that others will make us happy.  We can now make ourselves happy.

What is unique in this approach is that by developing loving relationships between all 3 selves we can experience a transformation that is natural, evolving and permanent. The secret is to get your subconscious on board by explaining what you as the conscious self wish to do and aligning the approach of all 3 selves with one another. Then we are at peace and no longer at war with ourselves.

Each self has different roles. The conscious self needs to be the co-ordinator because it knows the existing conditions, while the subconscious provides energy, insight, memory and all kinds of qualities that can support one’s progress.  The spiritual self or soul is the composer and creator of our life and our deepening contact with it will bring greater joy, understanding and the ability to both fulfil our life purpose and contribute to planetary service in so many ways. 

MDP is also different in combining a profound insight into the ageless wisdom teachings, which help to identify our relationship with the Divne and our material physical universe with a deep psychological insight and healing.  

This teaching is being released in cooperation with the spiritual hierarchy of the planet 


18 Feb 2012

Last Update: 20 Feb 2012

Article/Information supplied by John Waters

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.