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How Are You Communicating?

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Article by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

Language is a very powerful medium of communication. Our words can affect many areas and often not much thought is given once our point has been expressed.

Two people from the same town with the same parents can speak completely differently due to their own idiosyncrasies and influential tendencies. So if this occurs how can we even begin to endeavour to live harmoniously with complete strangers?

Is it any wonder the amount of misunderstandings that occur?

The secret to communication is so much more than the words alone. That is not to diminish their effectiveness or relevance, however, the tone, your body language, the way you hold your head and so on also play a big part in what you say is received.

Think of the last misunderstanding that you had. What was it over? A lot of the time it is very important in that moment and often we will fight until we know that being right is accepted however, a day, a week, a month later there is very little relevance to the big picture, to what really matters to you.

Yet, the consequences of such misunderstandings have destroyed friendships, relationships and no doubt even created war.

I wonder if you are actually being received in the way you believe you are projecting. It is like hearing yourself after being recorded. We often sound different to how we perceive we would sound. Communicating effectively is very much the same.

As important as it is to be heard, acknowledged and validated it is equally important to listen, not only hear, what the other person is saying. We are so complex in adding meaning to all that we do that it is easy to forget that another person may not have the same meaning or interpretation and consequently their attachment will be different.

Communication is a huge topic and covers so many dimensions within our own culture compared to that of other cultures compared that to other generations and the list goes on. It is dumbfounding how something so simple can reach so many and yet, is rarely thought about in such terms.

Specifically looking at how you are perceived; how do you perceive yourself?

Are you saying what you mean or are you meaning what you say? Do you express your passion in line with the content or being right? Do you allow the other person to express their view point without deciding for them how they should respond?

These are all very common traits and we all have done them at some point. The more effective you communicate, the more that you will get the response and validation that you seek.

Taking this a little further; consider the affect the way you communicate has on the way you communicate with yourself.

All that you think, consider, feel, want, need and so on is done internally first and foremost. What comes out, the reaction that is displayed is after you have internally processed this. Consequently, what you are saying to yourself will affect how you are heard everywhere else externally.

The ultimate benefit of communicating effectively is that it actually assists you to align with yourself and your values enabling you to have a more empowering voice.

Communicating becomes a gift to you in allowing self expression as though you have an audience of thousands with the most important being you.

4 May 2010

Article/Information supplied by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.