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Guided Self Help Hypnosis

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Article by Dieter Luske

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Guided Self Help Hypnosis CD's - An Introduction

by Dieter Luske - Clinical Hypnotherapist - NLP - Lifestyle Counseller - Holistic Naturopathic Practitioner - Editor for

What is Self Hypnosis and why is it so effective?

Self Hypnosis is a form of Guided Hypnosis, where with the help of a CD, instead of a trained Hypnotherapist, in the comfort and safety of your own home, you are guided into a deeply relaxed state with all it's inherited scientifically proven benefits. It is  completely safe and natural, and very similar to a relaxation exercise, meditation or visualisation, and it has many physiological benefits associated with this relaxed state that develops during the listening of a self hypnosis CD.


It can be said, that Hypnotherapy is the science of inducing deep states of relaxation for supportive remedial purposes.

Typical changes under Hypnosis are; relaxation, the heart rate slows down, stress responses are reduced, and blood pressure  may drop to a healthy level.

Many people experience hypnosis as if they have had a relaxing, restful and regenerative sleep. It is a sleep like state, but you are not sleeping, you are always in control, and you can stop and get up at any time.

Hypnosis or Self Hypnosis is one of the best techniques available for harnessing and utilising the power of your mind and it's in-built abilities.

Benefits from the practice of self hypnosis are profound. Even if for a moment you only consider the positive side-effect of Hypnosis, which is the relaxed state and it's stress reduction, you would have experienced already a physiological beneficial effect.
The additional benefits, depend on which program you would chose for your self help endeavours.

Therefore, Self Hypnosis can be used by people who suffer from  stress due to modern living and those who may need motivation for personal development, increase performance, or overcome specific health problems, such as high blood pressure - sleeplessness - weight problems, and also enjoy it's strong Goal setting and Motivational components.

The relaxation music which is used, is based on the alpha brain wave generating music, for more information click >>

Some explanation why Self Hypnosis will support your health!

Stress responses

Most people are familiar with the stress response of the fight or flight mechanism of our nervous system. That stress response, which used to be helpful when we were still roaming the forests being confronted with a wild beast, giving us that much needed adrenalin to run like crazy, is less useful in todays society. Most stress responses are triggered by work situation, or just lots of worries. We don't run away either, we just sit there and all this adrenalin becomes harmful to our health.

Now, what has that to do with Hypnosis you may ask. A lot actually, the brain, as amazing as it is, "can't differentiate between REAL and IMAGINATIVE facts  The brain will react with the same physical and emotional responses, even if the supposed to be threat or stress is not real.
What does that mean? It means, you can turn that process around, and instead of worrying yourself sick, you think and program yourself healthy.

However, worries are usually much more effective than your positive thinking.

That's where guided self-hypnosis comes in, by relaxing first, listening to reason and finally while in a deep relaxed state taking in positive suggestion without your conscious logical mind interfering, you can reset your mind to a specific health related response.

Brain Plasticity

You may have read about brain plasticity, and the scientific facts how the brain can change itself. The science of brain plasticity has proven that positive thinking - visualisation - relaxation - meditation and changing responses all work, providing those changes are introduced in a specific way, where the conscious mind either does not interfere or helps the process. One of the vital components of brain plasticity and therefore self-hypnosis is repetition.

There is nothing new about that repetition works. You know that already, after all, if you worry about something; is that only one single thought, or indeed does it not penetrate you to your deepest being all day  and all  night long? Yes.. and that's why worries have such a profound effect. The trick about brain plasticity and overcoming health or other problems, is to "re-create the power of worry in a positive way.

That's were self-hypnosis and repetition has it's supportive role to play. 

Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP )

Anchors (association)
We have discussed hypnosis and brain plasticity, now we need one more technique to make it all come together, which is NLP. Many books have been written about NLP and there is hardly any area in our daily life left where it is not used.

What is NLP exactly, is hard to explain in a few words. Lets just say, it has been developed by some very clever people who have monitored and mirrored many mind changing techniques, and used those processes to develop workable strategies for change.

One technique or strategy works with association and what NLP calls, "Anchors".
An anchor is something which holds something in place. This something, could be anything involving any of your senses, like a sight triggering of a good feeling, a smell triggering of a childhood memory, or a sound triggering relaxation.

We all have these associations, if I ask you; "what makes you relax?", and you tell me, "the beach", than the beach is your association or anchor to trigger relaxation.

In relation to self hypnosis, the repetition and hearing the music in association with pictures formed in your mind, are building further association and anchors, which trigger what ever the goal or outcome was meant to be.

One positive anchor always present in a good self hypnosis CD will be the music which triggers the feeling of relaxation. For that reason,  a second CD which just plays the same relaxation music which you will hear when you will listen to the script would be a good idea. Therefore, you can just listen to the music  when ever you need to feel relaxed.

You may have noticed that I was mentioning "positive" anchors, does that mean there are negative anchors as well? Yes, you bet there are, and like worries, very often you have more negative anchors than positive ones. Meaning, your feelings, emotions, thoughts and of course worries may be triggered by what is going on around you, without you noticing what has triggered those negative reactions.

That's one of the reasons, why you should be much more in control of your thoughts, train yourself to deliberately think positive. If you indulge in negative thoughts and mind pictures, while at the same time a specific song plays on the radio, or something else specific is happening in your surroundings, it may trigger the same thoughts again when you are confronted with a similar situation. But stop right here, don't become too alert, there is another factor we have mentioned before, that of repetition.

For an anchor to be effective, it either has to be dramatic or repetitive.

What is a repetitive thought? Worry is certainly  repetitive, and that's why worry works so well of triggering negative circumstances.
Now to make that point again, if you can reproduce the same intensity of feelings you have when you worry,  and turn that intensity into a positive pattern, you will trigger positive results.

There are many more reasons why self hypnosis CD's work, but what has been said is probably a good summery, without writing a book about this topic.

Most self help CD's these days use a combination of Hypnosis techniques and NLP combined. The main strategy of this combination is to keep the conscious mind busy while pronouncing positive messages to the sup-conscious mind, while setting positive anchors and delivering everything in a format which lends itself to repetition.

For more information why Self Hypnosis work, click Review-self-help-hypnosis

Now that we know that Self Hypnosis CD's work, all what is left, is to create suitable self hypnosis scripts and listen to them.

Self Hypnosis CD:

Frequent use of these CDs are recommended, and for best results, play them again and again for an effortless and lasting change.


If you are a Hypnotist, Counsellor, Coach or similar in any type of remedial field, and you would like to have your own CD's, you are invited to take advantage of our production and recording facilities. Please read the following package deal. ( bespoke recording available )

useNature CD Production Package ( we use the Alchemix Recording Studios in Brisbane )

Production of a 60min -  Guided Motivation or Hypnosis - Counselling or Meditation CD
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Hypertension CD

Hypertension - Reduce and manage your blood pressure  by using a Guided Self Hypnosis  CD

How Does It Work?

Hypertension is often aggravated by stress. Sometimes it's a stressful job, relationship or simply a tendency to worry.
Self Hypnosis helps to normalise blood pressure  by 'switching off' the stress response and 'switching on' the natural relaxation response.
Regular use of the Self Hypnosis CD's gets the body back into the habit of relaxing and letting go while attempting to normalise blood pressure.

These CD's consist of an introduction, relaxation and the self help script.

  • The introduction has important information to re-enforce the hypnotic message.
  • The relaxation part will increase the effectiveness of this hypnotic blood pressure normalising enhancement program.
  • The 'hypnosis' part will  support blood pressure  reduction, as well as create deep states of lasting relaxation.

More Information on treatments for Hypertension - please click >> Blood-pressure-treatment

General Hypnosis information:

“Hypnosis” comes from the Greek word ipnos meaning “sleep”, but hypnosis is not a sleep state, more a natural state of deep relaxation. Your brainwave frequency may change from waking (beta) to (alpha), the same level as in relaxation or meditation.

Hypnosis is a state of trance, similar to day-dreaming,  where the activity of the conscious mind slows down while the subconscious mind remains alert and active.

There is a well-known saying in hypnotherapy circles, “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.”   

No one can force you to be hypnotised or do certain task against your will.

Guided Hypnosis or meditation or visualisation with the help of a CD is keeping the subconscious mind active and is actually self-hypnosis.

A vividly imagined scene or experience in a relaxed hypnotic state is interpreted as reality by the subconscious mind, so it is little wonder self-hypnosis has the potential to be an amazing healing tool for personal growth and stress management.

Effective self-hypnosis will include finding a quiet place to sit or lie comfortably for at least 20 to 30 minutes where you will not be disturbed.

Never listen to Hypnotic or Relaxation kind of CD's while driving a car, in fact ....
ONLY listen to Self Hypnosis CD's while sitting or laying down and purposefully are ready not to do anything else other than to relax and listen.

If you have any question,  please use the comment box below, or click >  contact us

Article by Dieter Luske- Editor of useNature


3 Aug 2011

Last Update: 25 Sep 2015

Article/Information supplied by Dieter Luske

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.