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Article by Michele Scott





Numerology is a discipline belonging to the Insightful Arts, as it provides insight into your personality and your drive through life. Hand Analysis, Dream Analysis and Astrology are some of the other disciplines we find in this group. Numerology is a self analysis tool, using your full birth name and birth date details to uncover, discover and recover the person you were born to be.


There are many life lessons you have already encountered in your life, and there are many more still to come. Numerology is the window through which you can see your major and minor lessons, developmental opportunities as well as the areas in life that challenge you. Specifically, your Life Path, Maturity Number, Challenge Numbers, Pinnacles, Period Cycles and Essence Cycles.


Your Life Path is the big road trip of your life, and we can see from this number the type of experiences you are likely to attract from birth to death depending on what you need to learn. On this road trip of your life’s journey, there will be changes in the landscape where additional lessons are introduced to help you develop into better and better versions of yourself. In Numerology these are called Period and Pinnacle Cycles, and relate to your inner and outer worlds respectively. You will also experience various challenges on this road trip – short and long term challenges – and we can gain insight into these by calculating your Challenge Numbers, Personal Years and Essence Cycles.


For example; the lessons of a Life Path 9 will centre around selfless giving & humanitarian concerns and they are likely to attract experiences that give them the opportunity to learn and express generosity, compassion and unselfish concern for others. Along this road, between the ages of 36-45 they may have a Pinnacle Cycle 4 which means additional lessons are introduced during this time that help them to grow in those qualities we associate with the number 4 – responsibility, reliability, consistency, discipline and commitment. If this individual also has a Period Cycle 4, which relates to our inner world, then it is likely during these years that they have a strong sense of duty to others and feel increased responsibility and a lot less freedom and expansion in their lives. This phase is necessary in their overall evolution, helping them to build solid, practical and secure structures in their life, perhaps to house their humanitarian ambitions, though they might struggle with the limitations and restrictions this phase presents.


As we mature in life, our priorities change and we undergo visible shifts on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Numerology can pinpoint the likely changes that will take place as you get older through your Maturity Number. An individual with a Maturity Number 5 is likely to become more adventurous as they get older whilst a Maturity Number 7 is likely to be more concerned with the deeper mysteries and the spiritual aspects in life. A Maturity Number 7 will become more introspective as they get older whilst a Maturity Number 5 will become more of an extrovert.


Throughout our lives, we have challenges to conquer and overcome. Perhaps your challenge is a one, constantly having to work at asserting and standing up for yourself, or do you struggle with the practical aspects in life – organisation, completion and perseverance. If so, you probably have an overall Challenge Number 4. We have three challenges to deal with at different phases in our lives, and one major challenge that is consistent overall.


Numerology is a must-have tool in your personal and spiritual development kit, as it provides valuable, insightful and inspiring information that can transform you and your life on every level.


Stay tuned for Personal Years, Essence Cycles and your Pinnacle Months - which will be discussed in my next article - and don't forget additional features such as Bridge Numbers, Hidden Passion, Balance Number & Rational Thought Number, just to name a few.

Light, love & laughter,




26 Jul 2011

Last Update: 8 Aug 2011

Article/Information supplied by Michele Scott

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.