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Emotional Release for Healing

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Article by Izabella Siodmak

Emotional Release for Healing

By Izabella Siodmak – Life Coach, Naturopath, NLP practitioner and Psychotherapist

I encourage you to make ALL your feelings ok. Be aware that your thoughts, born of you egoic mind, when we believe them, will generate an emotional response, that usually creates circumstances that perpetuate suffering. Emotions are reactions to thoughts, whereas feelings are natural phenomena that pass through each of us. Neither are who we truly are. Our thoughts, also, are not who you are, but simply an experience passing through you, perhaps a particular thought pattern that you’ve been hanging onto for a long time.

Your higher self, Sacred Self or whatever you’d like to call it, is in charge of your mind and therefore the resultant emotions. Focus on particular thoughts and you’ll consistently feel the corresponding emotions that come from that.  Your Sacred Self, on the other hand, permits feelings to pass through. Your Sacred Self can take charge and speak to your mind and tell it to let go of fear-generating thoughts that just don’t serve you.

In your session Izabella will keep emphasizing awareness and gentleness, not resistance to any layers of emotions that arise around any particular issue. Peace and Love is always found when we are willing to start with what’s there, despite how uncomfortable it is. We make it all ok, even if we are not condoning something, we are just allowing it to be there as everything passes. In the space of okayness and acceptance it may become clear what changes or actions need to be orchestrated, if any. No matter how uncomfortable you become, it is better to allow, and have no thought-based resistance to what is happening, than to resist by identifying with judgements and familiar limiting beliefs.  What you resist persists. 

So instead, you'll be meeting whataver you notice is there. If it’s fear, Izabella will help you meet’s here anyway, you may as well meet what is here.

As you acknowledge any emotions that maybe there, you will notice that as you say hello the feeling changes. Izabella works in the moment with you, as that is the only place of power. She'll intuitively keep you connect to the moment to moment experience as you journey through various layers of emotions. If you face each moment’s emotion, you’ll eventually arrive somewhere where there is no more emotion, and usually where there is peace. But, beware of expecting to arrive there, as you need to be where you are in each moment, otherwise there is either attachment or resistance, which then gets in the way of arriving.

Many people avoid feeling what wants to be felt (and released) and thereby also missing out on experiencing the harmony, peace and fulfillment that lies at the other end of this meeting of uncomfortable emotions. Through this avoidance, and the many ways of avoiding, one's inner wisdom cannot be accessed of fulfilled. It’s common, and somewhat normal, in our culture to mask the deep unresolved grief with drugs, tv, food, sex, material possessions and a variety of other substances and experiences that the mind is convincing us is helping us avoid a pain that can feel like emptiness, death, blackness and total disconnection to life. Often, the fear is that we will get stuck there if we allow this pain to surface.

What we need to realize is that allowing the pain to surface is slowly helping it dissolve, rather than getting more stuck. The pain is not who we are and it is always naturally wanting to come up and be released. If we keep supressing this, Life will keep bringing a greater crisis and catastrophe until we are forced to face it. Perhaps you already are at this point, or, you may have heard the inner voice of your Sacred Self telling you that you need to do something now before it’s too late.

During your session you will be supported to release and let go of what you’re ready to liberate, what you’re ready to realize and what you’re ready to now embrace in your Life in various ways, letting go of what’s in the way of YOU. This is not a mind thing, it’s a deeply integrated experience coming from your gut, your heart and all places within your body.


© 2011. Izabella Siodmak

22 Mar 2011

Last Update: 26 Mar 2014

Article/Information supplied by Izabella Siodmak

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.