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Skills for the psycho- spiritual practitioner

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Article by Jenne Perlstein

Skills for the psycho- spiritual practitioner and upcoming course

For many years I have a had dream ( haven’t we all!) of integrating my conventional clinical and educative work as a Social Worker, my knowledge from Medicine, and a large and personal interest in psychology and psychiatry, with my passion for the esoteric.

Having become a part- time tarot reader, then astrologer, whilst continuing to work as Social worker, I have also studied Wicca, Jung, Kabbalah, Buddhism and other spiritual traditions, and engaged in therapy. This has been a profound path of self awareness, learning about my unconscious and life lessons, attempting to integrate all this knowledge and experience. And now, dare I say, I feel wisdom has evolved from a slow imperceptible depth of understanding of the psycho – spiritual.

I put my ‘foot out into the world’, to actualise my ‘vocation’ and dream, I presented three talks at the Tarot Guild of Australia and the Astrologers Association, in Victoria, on ‘Counselling and Mental Health Skills’, which were well received. I finally sat and wrote a course encompassing my own inner intuition, a variety of counselling frameworks, Western psychiatry, my experience with Social Work, Tarot and Astrology clients, my sense of the Spirit and life’s lessons, which all came together in a course that I ran, in 2010, on Counselling and Mental Health Skills for Tarot Readers and Astrologers and related practitioners. The course was lively and clearly participants were eager to have those challenging issues that clients present with, understood more deeply, and for skills to be enhanced or developed. They recognised they were ‘counselling’, had some clients with complex issues and deep psychological pain. The participants keenly absorbed the context of the different counselling frameworks and were able to recognise and know what to do when a client with mental health issues appeared, both to be aware, to know what to do and what resources to offer the person. Finally the dream became a reality – the opportunity to combine conventional counselling/mental health work and skill, with the esoteric, ultimately aiming for a balance and integration of the psyche and soul.

Some of the comments I received about the course in 2010.......

‘Jenne has worked for many years accumulating a wealth of knowledge.......Jenne presents in a relaxed, reflective manner and clearly is passionate about bringing all her skills and knowledge together in a well integrated course.The classes include meditation and were very interactive as everyone was encouraged to bring their personal experiences to be used as examples. Notes and reference books are extensive and each topic was dealt with in great depth and the time flew by in every class.’

‘This course would also be of benefit to any Tarot enthusiast reading for others, whether it be professionally or not. At a time in our society when mental illness is a growing concern ,it unlikely that most people will be untouched by its effects, whether it be personal experience or dealing with a friend or family member suffering some form of these debilitating and isolating conditions .As a professional Tarot reader,it is highly likely that at some time, one will be confronted with a client in need of more specialised help than a tarot reading can give.This workshop provided the information on how to recognize such clients and stategies for dealing with challenging situations. ‘

With Jenne’s abundance of knowledge and experience in her chosen fields,hopefully she will continue to present a range of courses and workshops which cover the topics in this course and associated topics as her course served to open up more areas to cover for the tarot reader or astrologer.Jenne’s sharing of her knowledge is a great contribution to the overall education available to tarot readers and to promoting ethical behaviour in the field. In the future, I look forward to participating in Jenne Perlstein’s sharing of her accumulated wisdom.

Linda Henery President Tarot Guild 2011

‘Jenne Perlstein is a great counselling teacher! Thanks Jenne for all your help! I wish you well, and hope that you get lots of people coming to your course, because you really know your stuff!!! Good Luck.’

Cheryl Ford 2010 participant.

‘While readers have innate intuitive abilities which they use in dealing with clients , hearing Jenne describe the theory behind counselling skills is affirming and builds confidence in one’s manner in reading for others and enables one to fine tune some of their existing practices.’ Participant 2010

About the presenter…

Jenne Perlstein, MBBS (Medical Bachelor, Bachelor of Surgery), BSW (Bachelor of Social Work), Cert. 4 TAA, AASW, Prof Member TGA; Cert.Appl Astrol,(Astro synthesis) is a widely experienced Social Worker( 25 years) with a degree in Medicine (including study of psychology and psychiatry). Her work as a Social Worker, using the knowledge gained in Medicine, has encompassed counselling, family work, case work, community development, policy and extensive work in education, in the areas of aged care, brain injury, mental health, vocational rehabilitation, Aboriginal justice and has included work in the UK.

The Course


The Course covers the following: Client Issues; Counselling skills; Schools of therapy; Psychic and physical protection for the Reader; Client Ethics and boundaries; Family patterns; Relationship issues; Mental Health Issues- Depression and Suicide; Anxiety; Psychoses; Personality disorders; Resources 0414 650 727

23 Jan 2011

Last Update: 11 Nov 2011

Article/Information supplied by Jenne Perlstein

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.