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Breaking up

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Article by Philip Johnson

Breaking up

Counselling breaking up

Often in breaking up the news comes as a shock to one of the partners. This sometimes amazes the one who is instigating the break-up. Why? Because the breaker has probably been thinking about it for months, sometimes years, but has said nothing. Or, the breaker may have not even realised the idea was on their mind, but when voiced, it sounds and feels so right that they can't think that things could be any other way.

Out loud for the first time

For the person hearing this news, out loud for the first time, it naturally is a shock. This is not to say that the signs were not there for sometime... just that when we are in love, when we are committed to a relationship, breaking up is the last thing on our mind. Mostly we are trying to make things work, even when they are manifestly not working.

Why breaking up is so hard to do...
When we are in a relationship, a union, a partnership, in love or when we love someone, all the time we are benefiting by the relationship. Incomes are shared, costs are shared, companionship is always available, sexual intimacy is common, expanding our friendship group/s occurs, we are happy and contented, we have someone to share the future with... as long as things are going well.

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2 Nov 2010

Last Update: 23 Apr 2012

Article/Information supplied by Philip Johnson

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