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The Brain and the Mind

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Article by Philip Johnson

The Brain and The MindBrainBrain

When you go to see a counsellor the therapeutic process attempts to establish understandings between thoughts and emotions, ideas and possibilities, allowing new brain connections to help you live more effectively.

Your brain (the human brain) developed over hundreds of thousands of years, and goes on developing, will go on developing for many more years.

The Somatic brain (enteric nervous sytem) came first in the evolutionary process and is located in the gut. It mainly provides us with the ability to digest food. It produces, along with other hormones, serotonin which is crucial to our well being. The brain stem...

The Cerebellum (reptillian) brain operates muscle coordination, the instant reactions we have in order to survive.

The Limbic (emotional brain) is above the brain stem, in the centre of the brain. This monitors and operates relationships, feelings and your educative process... learning new things. Past events and current events... they are linked and this part of your brain is your center of your brain... what happens here affects other parts of your brain.

The Cortex (right and left hemispheres) is the latest development... offering imagination, curiosity, consciousness, awareness andmost importantly the ability ot consider the future.

The corpus callosum is the means by which the two halve of the brain connect... words, ideas and conscius material. Also, connecting, but to a lesser extent, is the anterior commissure, communicating more primitive, unconscious emotions, raw material from the Cerebellum, reptillian brain.

The left half of the cortex is the academic professor, operating language, logic and reason, forms and shapes. The left side of the brain takes over when you are dispirited and attempts to organise rigid attitudes... maybe a survival instinct taken up when the Cortex evolved and absorbed part of the reptillian brain. The left cortex configures and makes sense of the inspiration and enlightened ecstacy of the right side, organising and making practical decisions.

The right half is the emotional or feeling side, living in the 'here-and-now', experiencing the arts, feelings (intensity of) time and recognition. When people experience depressed feelings it is probably this part of the brain that has checked out... no longer appreciating music or feelings of connectedness. The right cortex identifies and imagines possibilities and insight, reacts to inspiration and creates new ideas and thoughts from experience and thought.

Failing to integrate the reptillian brain and the later developed cortex results in a breakdown which impedes the ability to moderate more primitive responses.

Ideally the two sides of the cortex and the older and later developed aprts of the brain will work together. That is the goal for counselling, psychological therapy and spiritual and personal development.

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2 Nov 2010

Last Update: 23 Apr 2012

Article/Information supplied by Philip Johnson

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.