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How boundaries can help happiness

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Article by Philip Johnson

Boundaries and Happiness

choosingchange works with you on a systems based theory to help you establish effective ways of relating. Boundaries are one of the most important aspects of this system.

Boundaries and how we utilise them inform our sense of self our sense of being, belonging, where-I-end-and-you-begin. They help us make sense of the the world and where we fit in.

Our connections with each other are determined by the boundaries we set between us: how independent we are, how closely we rely on "others" for our sense of self.

Just as we don't like people taking over our land, letting trees overhang our property and cause shade or dropping leaves, we also don't like people doing that to our sense of being or sense of place/space.

Imposing our ideas or presence on someone else often causes anger and frustration... often without both people knowing why... just sense of encroachment.

You determine your existence...

Clearly asking for what you want is the core to healthy boundaries. This sets you up for healthy relationships. Being able to determine what you want and what you don't want is the key to setting your personal boundaries in your relationships.

More information can be found on the: choosingchange site

2 Nov 2010

Last Update: 23 Apr 2012

Article/Information supplied by Philip Johnson

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