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Article by Michelle Mayur

Angel Wings Healing Profile | Email | Website
Stress - Relationship Issues - Trauma - Grief - Challenging Child - Depression - Anxiety - Phobias - Stop Smoking - Confidence.

With Energy Healing, Mind/Body Work, Hypnotherapy & more, I can help you smash through the fears, frustrations, blockages and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck.
Sessions in person or via Skype or phone.
Also Accredited Goulding SLEEPTALK Consultant.
20 Grandview Road
Box Hill South
Australia 3128
03 9888 0138


'Many researchers think forgiveness - a virtue embraced by almost every religious tradition as a balm for the soul - may be medicine for the body. They have shown that "forgiveness interventions" - often just a couple of short sessions in which the wounded are guided towards positive feelings for an offender - can improve cardiovascular function, diminish chronic pain, relieve depression and boost quality of life among the very ill.

While much of the early work on forgiveness has focused on forgiveness of others, academic psychologists and clinicians are turning up evidence that forgiving oneself may have a more powerful effect on overall health and wellbeing.'

(Above is an extract from Los Angeles Times article published in the Sydney Morning Herald 22 Feb. 2008)

  • By Forgiving we are not doing the person who wronged us a favour.
  • The gift of Forgiveness is for ourselves.
  • By Forgiving we reclaim our power from the person who has hurt us.
  • Forgive and free yourself from the energy of crippling, corrosive emotions like anger and bitterness
  • Forgiving does not mean forgetting, only that we are now willing to detach from the emotional impact of the memory, while keeping the learning.
  • Forgiveness does not need to be instant and may mean forgiving in incremental steps.
  • Forgiving others is the necessary step before forgiving ourselves.
  • Unforgiveness of self leads to our own disapproval with dire effects on our own self-esteem, confidence and health.
  • By Forgiving we mark the end of an era and can start moving towards a new future of our choice.

Affirmation of Forgiveness and Atonement

In a quiet space, preferably with your hands on your heart, try saying the affirmation below out loud to heal a damaged relationship, family issues or to make peace in your mind with anyone who has hurt you.

I don’t know why you did what you did,
And I don’t know why you said what you said,
And I don’t know why you are the way you are,
But I accept that’s where you need to be now,
And I forgive you and I forgive myself.
I release all anger, bitterness and resentment,
Past or present,
And I release us both in my love.
And so be it.


Michelle Mayur is the creative Conscious Entrepreneur behind the Heal the Healer Membership and Mentoring Program, and has worked as a professional healer in private practice since 1995.

9 Oct 2010

Last Update: 28 Oct 2014

Article/Information supplied by Michelle Mayur

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.