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Reignite Marriage Intimacy

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Article by Clinton Power

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4 Ways Marriage Counselling Can Help You Reignite Your Intimacy

Until death do us part—that is the promise that is made when two people are wed. It means that these two people will be together, through good times and bad, until their very last days.

Getting married is something that many people see themselves naturally doing at some point in their lives; the wedding celebration has always been something to look forward to—a rite of passage that celebrates love, trust, faith, belongingness, commitment, and loyalty, among others.

But after the wedding dress has been put away and the honeymoon is over, the marriage itself begins—and for many couples, this path can lead them to discoveries and realisations about themselves and each other that can cause discord in their relationship. And sometimes, with all the conflict going on, couples may begin to think that "until death do us part" may not even be possible after all.

Taking steps to restore harmony

It's normal for couples to fight and disagree, most people will say. And that is true, but sometimes, only to a certain extent—some issues can create much more serious rifts than others. In a 2011 survey conducted by non-profit organisation Relationship Australia, respondents stated that the crucial reasons that result in relationship breakdown are financial stress, communication difficulties, different expectations, and lack of trust.

When couples are constantly facing off because of these issues, unable to help each other understand their viewpoints on the issues and where they are coming from, their bond gets more and more damaged. Talking to friends and family about marriage problems can help, but there are instances wherein greater and more helpful insight can be gained when couples turn to an experienced and trained counsellor. 

Counsellors have a deeper understanding of relationship challenges and will be able to help couples move forward without the ill feelings and anxiety that accompany conflicts. 

Here are four ways marriage counselling can help reignite intimacy between couples:

1. It helps couples renew their commitment to their union. Counsellors help couples see that they chose each other as a lifelong mate for a reason—for their love for each other. Conflicts arise as a result of the lives they lead, and counselling can help couples see that these issues can be resolved on their own, without the need to let the entire marriage disintegrate.

2. It lets each partner experience a greater appreciation for the other. Counsellors can help couples rediscover each other's personalities, mindsets, philosophies, and ways of relating to people and life's challenges. These are not supposed to be perfect or ideal, and couples knew this at the time of their wedding; counselling can help them remember how their similarities and differences make their relationship unique, and should not be cause for irreparable disagreements.

3. It brings communication back to a healthy, constructive, and positive level. When nerves are strained and there is much hurt, confusion, jealousy or anger between couples, all conversations can become a channel for hurting each other. Counsellors can help steer sessions toward helpful and meaningful directions with the aim of facilitating healing and understanding.

4. It provides a closer look into each partner's strengths and weaknesses, their differences from each other, and their love—and brings them to a greater understanding of their relationship. Marriage counselling helps couples come to terms with issues that are driving them apart, without putting blame on either partner or passing judgment. By creating a safe, supportive and encouraging environment in which to sort through issues and enable good communication, counselling gives couples space to renew, rediscover, repair and rebuild.

If you're experiencing challenges or difficulties in your marriage, consider marriage counselling as a viable and effective way to reignite your passion and intimacy.

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30 Aug 2015

Article/Information supplied by Clinton Power

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.