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Intuitive Consultant and Light worker

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Article by Yulia Cornucopia

Every famous politician or businessman has, in their group, a private advisor. His professional skills are not necessarily advertised, and the position may not be clearly defined. However the impact of what they offer has an enormous effect on decision making. Who is that expert to whom these powerful individuals listen to so attentively and who is hidden so carefully from public view? This is the Psychic.

To understand why, after a century of technical progress and great education our leaders are still people with super abilities, we will talk to the famous Russian psychic and intuitive consultant living in Australia – Yulia Cornucopia:

- Tell us Yulia, do you belong to any business group or political organization?

I am not working for any particular group.  I do however consult with many different professionals who value my guidance from the highest level businessmen, to journalists, scientists etc.

- And what do they come to you for?

- They come with different questions. Most often people are under some form of stress or depression. They are not able to make the important decisions they need to and become stuck.  They don't understand why their project is failing or why they can't find a common language with their business partners, family members or with their own children. To solve these problems by means of psychologists or psychotherapists, months of laborious work is required. Experts like myself, work very quickly. For example, to bring the person out of a deep depression will take me an hour. In comparison, psychiatric treatment can take months of digging into past traumas and prescription medicines with their own inherent risks and side effects. For this reason, politicians and businessmen always have a personal psychic (as we will call my profession) though I do not love this term. They appreciate that time is valuable and the price of mistakes in their work is very high. They have no time to go to long psychotherapeutic sessions.

- And why don’t you like the term "psychic”?

- Many people already have or are open to receive information from an extra sense. Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)  can be achieved by anyone who is willing to learn and put in the effort to come into their God given right. If you look at ESP as an umbrella term, there are many ‘specializations’ such as Shamanism, psychics, Aura readers, healers, past life readers, and people who work with vibrations, etc. There are different processes involved in specializing in each of those fortes, and comparing a Shaman to a psychic is like comparing oranges and apples. We use different tools, different systems of obtaining information. You understand, the methods used by the shaman, very much differ from the methods of the medium? But generally in society they are all lumped together as the same thing- ‘Psychic’

What methods do you use?

- I work with vibrations. They are very closely connected with the internal energy of the person and clearly show the full picture of his/her life – past and future.

How does it work in application to a specific problem?

-I “scan” the person and sense it at the vibration level. Vibrations of their internal energy are transformed into images for me. Usually I unravel the answer within the first minutes of communication. To me the main thing is to be attuned to the vibrational level of the person and then I can see the full picture. My goal is to sense the main thing that disturbs the person at their deepest level. These deep experiences most often are also the main obstacle preventing the person living and working happily and actively.

All their energy resources are used in suppressing their deep level of disturbance or pain and this leads to the intuition "becoming blind", overall health suffers, the internal force which people call charisma, or in other words, vital energy or Prana disappears.

Can you see the energy and how does it look?

- It is like a palette of paints – different colors, tones and shades. They can be dark or light. The bigger the problem is the stronger the vibration is.  The more vivid colors are, the easier to see the problem.

- However it is one thing to see a problem of the person and another thing to cure it. To see a problem and isolate a source of leakage is only the first stage of my work. If the person came to me seeking the answer to a straight forward question, for example should the business be expanded etc., they receive the necessary information on the first session and that may be all they need.  However, if my clients want to change themselves, their lives or destinies and to stop repeating negative patterns, then it isn't enough just to read the energy, it is necessary to work with it and this will be another step.

-  Do you change the person’s destiny?

- No, I don't change the destiny of the person, I simply help to harmonize and balance them by raising the level of their vibrations which in turn helps them to solve their problems. It turns out that the consciousness "wakes up" the intuition and the person is filled with internal life force. When this happens the person is able to capitalize on the chances and opportunities that Destiny delivers. It is important that a person can see clearly where they are heading to - if you are blinded by stress or fear, you cannot recognize signs of danger and simply driving from point A to B becomes fraught with disaster. However when your internal system is harmonized, you will be able to receive and recognize the signs you need to reach your goal.

Fullness of internal energy influences your life the same as existence or lack of sight influences your ability to be guided in space.

- It still isn't clear how technically there is a raising of the level of vibrations and how you "awake intuition" and "expand consciousness"?

- I transfer vibrations of internal energy of the person to a sound. Each person has the sound of internal energy therefore sometimes this sound is similar to a song, to those untrained, sometimes similar to ancient Chinese. I am not the only one to own this technique. Many people with the ability to see energy speak this special language of vibrations. It is called Light language or Language of light which, actually, is a thread, connecting us to higher dimensions. Using Light Language into an area where there are no restrictions of time and space, we see the future and the past and we help the person to find a way to source and activate their own internal energy.

- If the language of Light is similar to Chinese, can an ordinary person learn to master and apply it?

- It isn't always similar to Chinese. The sound of light language can vary. This language can't be learned as it is necessary to grow into it within the consciousness, to be in resonance with the soul, and it will give the chance to understand and accept Light language.

- You spoke about the ability to see energy and whether this means that you used the techniques during your childhood?

- As a child I looked at this ability simply as a game. I played with, what I would describe as, power spheres. Such an accurate feeling of density…

- … you caught these spheres in air around yourself?

- No, they were my own creations.

- And your parents? They too possessed super abilities?

- My grandmother is from Altai, you know, this special place of planetary value. This is probably where my abilities also originate. As for my parents, my mother gave the power and knowledge to me and my sister. And my father …, he too had the gift. He spoke with animals and could heal them but he didn't attach any great significance to it.

- If you are able to “see” through people’s thoughts, what do you think of mankind? Do you agree with many on the general degradation?

- No, I don't. Now is a time of awakening and many masters of light open their eyes and many ask me for my help.

- Masters? Are you speaking about professionals?

- Not really. I speak about people with very high, almost cosmic levels of internal energy. As a rule they possess extensive spiritual experience as there can be an incarnation experience. People generally consider that all Masters go in for esoteric sciences. I would say that it is those who can materialize the spiritual forces in everyday life. Most often they are very successful and it is a pleasure to work with them. It also happens that through me these Masters transition to a higher step of ability, energy and force.

- So are you saying, among politicians and businessmen there are a lot of psychics (or would you call them, Masters)?

- I can’t say there are a lot but yes, they do exist. If we speak about the people who take-off in their career, whether it be the politician, the actor, the writer, the businessman, among them it is possible to meet Masters. Along with the famous and the successful there is always someone in the background whose name is not advertised.  Successful people do not require proof that energy defines destiny. They feel it and know it but they need help from a skilled “interpreter” – the person who is capable of accurately unravelling the information brought by inner energy. And this is who I am.


25 Nov 2014

Article/Information supplied by Yulia Cornucopia

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.