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The Age of Online Counselling

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Article by Reea Pawley

My parents live in rural NSW and it is now common practice for Dad to have sessions with his specialist via skype. Mum and Dad are not computer literate so they go into the surgery and the staff set them up in front of the computer and Dad talks to his doctor almost just like he would if they were really in the same room. If you know anything about how desperate country areas are for doctors you will understand that this is a progress.

Being a people person and very empathic I was hesitant about taking my business online and I will admit I dragged my feet long past the time when I should have been throwing myself into this newest of ways to service my clients. When I finally got up the courage to have my first skype session I was amazed at just how easy it was to tune into my clients feelings and energy and read them in the same way that I would if they were in the room with me.
As an empath and someone who has honed their intuitive and psychic abilities over many years, it is an important aspect of my work to be able to read my clients. It is often what is unsaid and unexpressed that is the key to facilitation profound change.

The next step of course was having phone sessions. I was delighted to find that I could read my clients over the phone as well. To practice this skill I started giving away free psychic readings on facebook. I would be inundated with questioners and I found that as long as I had a photo (which is probably more about my confidence in my skill than in whatever that photo actually provides) I could tune into and read my clients just as perfectly as if we were sitting together.

I have now had many client sessions via phone and skype and they work wonderfully. I can have clients from all over the world and it is easier to schedule early mornings or late evenings or even weekend sessions because I am attending to my clients from the comfort of my home. Many of my clients have children and they can get the support and advice they need while still being at home with their kids. Of course there are always a few interruptions but that is easily managed. I am not there to put my arm around your shoulders or hand you a tissue if you get upset but then sometimes just being in your own space can be a comfort of your own and you don't have to get in the car and drive home after.

If you think that online counselling and life coaching is for you give me a call and let's chat about what you need.

by Reea Pawley

23 Jun 2014

Article/Information supplied by Reea Pawley

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.