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Awakening to the intuitive healing powers of the horse

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Article by veronica garrett


NEXT EVENT...2014 Equine Assisted Life Coaching Practitioner training retreat and intensive March 15th to 19th. Awakening to the intuitive healing powers of horses. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we didn't have to learn our lessons in "hindsight" if in fact we could be as intuitive as the animals and rely on our "foresight" to guide us through life?.

Well we can, when we have an understanding of how our brain and energy centres work we can re-establish the art of non verbal communication which then taps us into this inner wisdom. Our intensives provide the tools for us to open to these higher channels either for E.A.L.C. practitioner training or to generally prepare us for the gift of inner guidance for the changes ahead.

Do people push your buttons or do you feel the emotions of those around you? Our horses not only show us how to"plug the holes" in our aura but they can provide the reference point to take us above the emotionl energy field replacing it with the unconditional love that comes with spiritual intelligence 

We are all becoming more in tune with and "sensitive to" the energy around us. Our horses teach us that everything is energy giving us the tools to dissipate our emotions... to then directly convert the energy of our highest thoughts, dreams and potential into the energy to DO........... to become co-creators of our destiny

This intensive provides an overview of the Holistequine methods and philosophies of life coaching generally therefore it is suitable for those contemplating either the full  "ALL OF LIFE" coaching course or the more basic E.A.L.C. course.

The course provides deep inner healing. With an understanding of how horses can facilitators in family issues and how they become a substitute for the elusive unconditional love........... healing the perceived wounds of present and absent family members.

It also provides a basic understanding of how the Laws of Attraction work in vibrational medicine and how they influence the day to day practical side of our lives. By understanding that everything is made up of ENERGY and how everything is an illusion in the form of a "reflection" we learn to integrate the sensation of separation and merge the energy of polarities (that play out as the conflicting issues within all of us) 

The healing powers we experience through the resonance of the Holistequine horse acts as a mirror to open the inner power within our own spirit.......for us to see that we are all ONE

Cost of Intensive

 5 Day. $1,250.00 (included e-books, workbook and assessments)

Intensives are conducted on site and include meals and light snacks............(no accommodation provided)

To find out more about our practitioner training, to register for the event or for more information about how horses can transform your life please contact us on ............Veronica 07 5442 53 53 or 0434 314 811.

You can also go to the form on our home page or e-mail us on 

To pay for the Intensive the link below will take you to our products page choose ITEM 4...5 Day Intensive 

Part payments or deposit can be paid via the link below however all fees must be paid 7 days prior to the event. Once payment is received the assessment forms are sent out and the process begins

23 Feb 2014

Article/Information supplied by veronica garrett

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.