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Why affirmations don't always work

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Article by veronica garrett

Why affirmations don't always work

To understand why affirmations are sometimes not enough to change things we need to look at the role of our “second brain”...which is now considered to be the second half of our intelligence found in the gut.

It makes sense that because affirmations only effect one aspect of our intelligence unless our gut brain is balanced nothing is going to improve.

With 100 million neurons and responsible for storing 95% of the body’s feel good hormone Serotonin the gut's brain is reported to play a major role in both human happiness and misery with many gastrointestinal disorders like colitis and irritable bowel syndrome originating from problems within the gut's brain.

For example if all we needed to do to get that job, have more money, a better relationship etc was to use our cranial intelligence then affirmations alone would work; we could repeat a positive affirmation 100 times and we would get our wish but as we know it doesn't always work this way. To succeed in life we need to have our gut "thinking", congruent with our positive thoughts be singing the same tune.

New research into the "belly brain" (our Enteric Nervous System) now suggests that this primal brain is our adaptive subconscious and is the part of ourselves that we are not aware of. It is the "FEELING" part of us experienced as butterflies in our stomach and it is the seat of our emotions. It is also the part that unwittingly sabotages our best efforts and is where our self worth "lives". ..........but most importantly it is this hidden part of us that must provide a sense of self worth and a belief in ourselves in order to trust that we are worthy enough to have the good things in life.

We must breakthrough this unconscious state to trust in and realise our dreams                                                                     

At Holistequine we use the (W.B.I. system) in EALC and All of Life Coaching to align these two "brains" . then from this new perspective the client can reassess things to get their life working again. Our methods allow us to break through the delicate and unconscious link between our energy centres and our endocrine system to understand the link between our mental thoughts and our physical reality, to bring to the surface what is causing our dis-ease                                                                                                                                                 

By understanding and reassessing the information stored in our gut brain we see what is holding us back and then unlock any "negative" health and emotional issues standing in our way.

It seems reasonable then to suggest that because this gut brain was developed as part of our primal or reptilian brain that it is the part we relate to with Nature/Alpha /the animals/ Universal wisdom...this is why animals work so well in assisted therapy because we connect to this deeper level of intelligence that is inherent in them.

When things get tough and we are faced with challenges we often need help to understand and process life but when we are given the right information and the right methods we begin to see life differently, that is from a bigger picture perspective, then as we change our thoughts, ideas and beliefs we restore order back into our lives.... all the fear, doubts and mistrust fade away and we are at peace with the world.

We cannot be successful and have our life go to "plan" unless we have our "whole body intelligence" aligned where our head and our heart, our gut and our 'cranial" intelligence are "working" together as ONE.

Our emotional buttons get pushed daily mostly through non verbal communication. We therefore need the tools to help us understand not just how our own but how everyone's personal emotional filter influences how we experience life and how when we can bring down the veils of self doubt, judgement and fear we connect in Oneness.

10 Feb 2014

Article/Information supplied by veronica garrett

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.