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How is Your Unconscious Blueprint Ruining Your Life?

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Article by Sue Lester

How is Your Unconscious Blueprint Ruining Your Life?

Your unconscious blueprint is your internal self-image and it could be the source of your troubles at home and at work.  Do you often feel less than grown-up, not as confident as you’d expect?  Or perhaps you’ve struggled to deal with your boss or sister-in-law without bursting into tears or flying off the handle?  You have an unconscious blueprint of yourself, and also of others.

Firstly, let’s discuss your own unconscious blueprint.  If your ‘face within’ is much younger than your chronological age you will struggle with confidence, rational decision making and emotional intelligence.  You’ll struggle to fit in with your peers.  If your unconscious blueprint is disempowering in other ways, appearing meek or unhealthy (overweight for example), you will also struggle to set boundaries with others, and make healthy choices. Of course, unconscious blueprints can also be very empowering, which is the aim for each of us.

We also have unconscious blueprints of others, which can disempower or empower us and them. For example, your internal image of your manager could be very daunting, in which case you will feel threatened and unable to communicate effectively on a person-to-person level.  Likewise, if your image is of that person is of a weak, unintelligent person, you’ll struggle to be respectful, to trust her judgement, and be productive in the workplace.

Fortunately unconscious blueprints can be identified and easily changed once you know how.  Sue Lester, known as the catalyst of change, discovered and has been researching how best to change your face within for good over the past three years.  Her newly released book on the topic is"The Face Within: How to Change Your Unconsious Blueprint" is designed as a D.I.Y. head trash clearing kit for the super stretched woman.  Available from

Sue Lester or 07 3103 2679

19 Aug 2013

Last Update: 20 Aug 2013

Article/Information supplied by Sue Lester

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