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2012 and Beyond Time of Transformation 2012 and Beyond ......   Time of Trans... read more
5 Keys for Healing at a High Vibration Healers and Lightworkers: 5 Keys for Healing at a ... read more
5 Steps From Self Sabotage To Self Motivation 5 Steps From Self Sabotage To Self Motivation &nda... read more
A Matter of Trust Trust is an issue that often comes up in coaching.... read more
Addiction and Recoverey Addictions and Recovery Addictions have several d... read more
Advanced Holistic Courses Luna Holistics Accredited Holistic Healing Courses... read more
Anger and Rage- Are Men & Women equal? Anger and Rage- Are Men & Women equal? The ... read more
ANGER REDUCTION IN ONE WEEK The following technique is a unique way to create ... read more
Anxiety symptoms and causes The underlying cause of symptoms A significant&... read more
Assertiveness Assertiveness counselling Sometimes it is best t... read more
Association and Disassociation Stepping out of yourself  - Association and... read more
Awakening to the intuitive healing powers of the horse   NEXT EVENT...2014 Equine Assisted Life Coa... read more
Beat Depression We make ourselves feel anxious or depressed becaus... read more
Beyond Affirmations into Soul Passion Have you ever noticed how hard you have to work at... read more
Breaking up Breaking up Often in breaking up the news comes... read more
Case study offering NLP for weight loss I welcomed Mr X who was already a life coaching cl... read more
Children, Pets and Grief Counselling Children, Pets and Grief What was the name of y... read more
Christmas Addict! It was the night before Christmas and all is quiet... read more
Christmas Flirtations and Relationships Christmas Flirtations and Relationships During... read more
Communication problem: Empathy versus Caring Communication problem: Empathy versus Caring A... read more
Could You Be Unconsciously Self-Sabotaging Conception? Could You Be Unconsciously Self-Sabotaging Concept... read more
Counselling skills course for Tarot Readers & Astrologers & Esoteric practitioners Counselling skills course forTarot Readers &... read more
Counselling THE WORK of Byron Katie Counselling – THE WORK of Byron Katie The... read more
Counselling vs Psychotherapy How is Counselling Different from Psychotherapy? ... read more
Danger Signs of Stress Overload Danger Signs of Stress Overload Not enough time:&... read more
Deep Alpha Relaxation Deep Alpha Relaxation can have a profound effect... read more
Depression and Depressed Feelings Depressed feelings and Depression  If you ... read more
Dermatoglyphics Dermatoglyphics - the study of the skin ridges o... read more
Different kinds of love Find out about different kinds of love and how to ... read more
Difficult and challenging clients As a natural therapy or esoteric practitioner , ar... read more
Effect of long term resentment Effect of long term resentment Cognitive Princi... read more
EFT Workshops The Fundamentals of Emotional Freedom Techniques... read more
Emotions language of the soul Emotions are “The language of the Soul&rdq... read more
Find a Therapist right for you How to Find a Therapist that’s right for y... read more
Forgiveness Forgiveness 'Many researchers think forgiveness... read more
Get Rid of your Pain - Using Sound Energy! Using Sound to Convert Negative Energy to Positive... read more
Guided Self Help Hypnosis Guided Self Help Hypnosis CD's - An Introduction... read more
Hemp Business Consultant Considering a new business? Be confident that... read more
Holistequine...The Science behind horses in Life Coaching The “Science” behind Holistequine and ... read more
Holistic Goal Setting Setting Goals .. a holistic approach .. Living ... read more
Horses and Human Emotional Intelligence Horses and Human Emotional Intelligence in Eq... read more
How Are You Communicating? Language is a very powerful medium of communicatio... read more
How boundaries can help happiness Boundaries and Happiness choosingchange works wit... read more
How is Your Unconscious Blueprint Ruining Your Life? How is Your Unconscious Blueprint Ruining Your L... read more
How to Make an Argument Worse How to Make an Argument Worse On average, coupl... read more
Hypnotherapy. What do you know? Myths and Misconceptions It's totally out of the... read more
Infidelity, Trust and Communication Technologies.   Statistics suggest that society is experie... read more
Interpersonal therapy Interpersonal therapy Interpersonal therapy is ... read more
Intuitive Consultant and Light worker Every famous politician or businessman has, in t... read more
Kicking Depression - The Battle Between Body and Mind read more
Manage Your Stress Increase Your Wellbeing Manage your Stress and Increase your Wellbeing -... read more
Meditating and being comfortable Meditating and being comfortable by Robert Kend... read more
Mind the \\\'Gap\\\' Mind the ‘Gap’ It seems there is more... read more
Multidimensional Psychology - The Path to Joyful Evolution Multidimensional Psychology (MDP) - The Path to ... read more
New Year Resolutions It is common to set one or several new year's re... read more
NLP & Life Coaching NLP & LIFE COACHING ACCREDITED COURSES Luna H... read more
Online Counselling or Face to Face Online Counselling or Face to Face: What is Best? ... read more
Palm and Hand analysis 'The Palm and the Hand in Hand analysis.' Artic... read more
Parents and People who work with children:How to have a great relationship with your children HOW TO ENJOY A GREAT RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CHIL... read more
Positive Corporate Terminology Positive Terminology for the Corporate and Priva... read more
PSYCH-KŪ and Beliefs I have been involved with using PSYCH-K® with ... read more
Psychotherapy Counselling: The Science of Relating The Science of Relating: Psychodynamics & Ps... read more
Reconnecting with your Mastery - using Sound Energy within your Voice Reconnecting with your Mastery –   Usi... read more
Reignite Marriage Intimacy 4 Ways Marriage Counselling Can Help You Reignite ... read more
Sand Tray Play Therapy Sand Tray This therapeutic intervention require... read more
Secrets for a Healthy Relationship Secrets for a Healthy Relationship  &n... read more
Sex Addiction Counselling Counselling - Sex Addiction By ©Heide McCo... read more
Sexual Addiction: Causes and Treatment The term sex addiction is often used to describe... read more
Skills for the psycho- spiritual practitioner Skills for the psycho- spiritual practitioner an... read more
Stress Awareness Stress Awareness -Your Stress Thermometer Chron... read more
Tarot, Psychology and Relationships Whilst all practitioners, helping professionals an... read more
The Age of Online Counselling My parents live in rural NSW and it is now common ... read more
The Art of Procrastination "I am doing WHAT?", or the art of Procrastinatio... read more
The Brain and the Mind The Brain and The Mind When you go to see a couns... read more
The Cabin Chiang Mai - The International Drug Rehab BACKGROUND The Cabin Chiang Mai is a 50-bed drug ... read more
The Christmas Blues and Seasonal Depressive Mood Disorder   Over the last 10 days there have been seve... read more
The Future Of Marriage - Does It Include Monogamy?   The Western concept of marriage has change... read more
The Healing Power of Touch A few years ago, I was standing in a circle with f... read more
The main purpose of a goal is not to try to achieve it. Cognitive Principle Theory in relation to Goals &... read more
The power of doing nothing The power of doing nothing by © marc de br... read more
TIPS FOR HEALERS - GROUNDING & CENTERING In order to keep ourselves in good energetic balan... read more
Tips for the Holiday Season The holiday season is soon approaching. You may be... read more
Transformational Life Coaching Transformational Life Coaching personal consultati... read more
Trust in relationships Restoring Trust Trust is an essential ingredient ... read more
Ultra Mind Hypnosis Gold Coast Ultra Mind Hypnosis Gold Coast  Melody is a ... read more
Understanding the 4 Fears Ruling Your Life Understanding The 4 Fears Ruling Your Life You d... read more
Viagra - Is It All That It's Cracked Up To Be?   During 1998 many men in their 50s breathed... read more
Walk Your Talk We are all familiar with the term “practice... read more
Walking The Fence of Life: the legacy of parents “I forgive you for not being the mother I wa... read more
WE ARE ALL BELIEVERS WE ARE ALL BELIEVERS by © marc de bruin W... read more
What are the Chakras and How Can an Imbalance or Blockage Affect My Sex Life? Chakras are energy centres in the human energy f... read more
What is your belief What is your belief, you think. by © marc ... read more
What is your study profile? Skills to Support Learning How easily do you learn? Do you have learning diff... read more
When is Enough enough and how do you know? At what point do you get to when you say to yourse... read more
When your luggage becomes your baggage   Some thoughts from my favourite coffee sho... read more
Why affirmations don't always work Why affirmations don't always work To understan... read more
Why do couples argue? The most common answer. Why do couples argue? After counselling couple... read more
Would you make a good Counsellor? Could you work as a counsellor? Courses in Counse... read more
Yoga Teaching Course Yoga Teacher Training Course Dipoloma... read more
You don't have to be crazy to go to therapy   Therapy is just SO self indulgent. Ancient... read more
Your vibration your health Your vibration, your health. by © marc de... read more