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Natural and certified organic hair care healthy ingredients

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Article by annette christy

Chikii - Beauty resource and organic natural beauty products. Profile | Email | Website
Chikii - Beauty resource and organic natural beauty products. A Natural Beauty Care Resource Blog / Australian on-line store featuring luxury boutique brands of certified skin care, perfume, body products, daily essentials, baby products, home fragrance, aromatherapy, beeswax and pure olive oil candles, and salon grade natural mineral cosmetics.Free of petrochemicals,synthetic chemicals,nano-particles, certified organic,cruelty free,vegan registered,vegan friendly,palm oil free. P.O.Box 24
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Natural and certified organic hair care

Healthy ingredients

We are going to help you discover how easy and pleasurable it is to keep your hair looking healthy-looking without the nasty toxins that are commonly found in shampoos and hair care products such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, parabens, Ethylene oxide, DEA, MSG, (often secretly hidden and referred to as amino acids, yeast extract, nayad, glutamic acid, or glutamates), propylene glycol and dioxane. It is a known fact that your scalp is extremely porous and absorbs chemicals quickly.

We have hair care products at our store which are not only natural but also free of toxins, which gives you all the goodness without the potentially negative effects. These products with continued usage will improve your hair’s texture and strength without stripping away essential oils and maintain a healthy pH balance in your hair and scalp. Invigorating and purifying formulas that helps to eliminate build-up from your hair and scalp, providing natural conditioning that encourages healthy-looking hair, leaving your hair looking thicker, fuller, and shinier. Also formulas that reconstruct damaged hair, help with dandruff, and protect your hair from damage due to the environment and chemical treatments, and above all safe and gentle enough for daily use for you and your family.

Below is a list of natural and certified organic hair care ingredients and hair care brands that you will find at our Chikii store.

Our brands are certified organic, palm oil free and made here is Australia – Y-natural,Synthesis,Ausganica,Savi organics ( dread hair care range ) and Lamari.( Argan hair treatments).

We also recommend Rahua by Amazon Beauty which is certified organic with USDA organic.The Rahua Shampoo is organic, vegan and gluten-free, with rainforest-grown rahus nut oil that nourishes and strengthens hair with omega-9 fatty acids, making ideal for damaged or chemically treated hair. It has an earthy scent which is palo santo wood oil, and quinoa an amino-acid rich grain, that locks in the moisture.

Below is a list of great and effective hair care ingredients –

Surfactants (wetting agents): yucca juice, castille soap, coco glucoside, soapwort powder.
Oils and essential oils – jojoba, rosehip, shea butter, safflower, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, chamomile, rape seed oil, coconut oil.
Aloe vera, corn syrup, vegetable glycerin, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract, henna.
Herbal extracts – coltsfoot, horsetail, rosemary, sage, kakadu plum, and ginseng.
Vitamins – panthenol.
Sorbic acid: A natural-based preservative which protects the balance of shampoo.
Citric acid: A non-toxic pH adjuster and foam stabilizer.

Plant oil-based and petroleum-free organic shampoos with no synthetic fragrances are good alternatives. Using these non-toxic shampoo options could also mean less skin irritation for people who are particularly sensitive to harsh chemicals, and they also prevent you from harming the environment every time you wash your hair. So for a quick and easy way to ease your negative impact on the environment, and on yourself, try switching to a plant based shampoo!

We recommend the “Skin Deep” database from the Environmental Working Group if you have a question about toxins in cosmetics. For shampoo, check out their database and tips on how to find a safe brand.

1 Mar 2013

Last Update: 2 Mar 2013

Article/Information supplied by annette christy

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.