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Qi Beauty Practitioner Training

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Article by Kathy Pedersen

Qi ( chi ) Beauty Profile | Email | Website
Qi ( chi ) Beauty The worlds first anti-ageing patch system using powerful acupuncture points and magnetic energy to revitalise skin.
The Qi(chi) beauty kit is designed to stimulate circulation to facilitate the absorption of any moisturiser or serum from within. The Qi beauty patch system is all natural, safe and can be used at home to hydrate, tighten and smooth tired, stressed skin.... as seen on " A Current Affair.
Australia wide
Australia 4215
07 5527 3002

Two Day Intensive - Practitioner Training 2013

The application of Qi stimulation for facial rejuvenation is based on 3000 years of TCM.

The ancient techniques of chaining* and bridging* to link acupuncture meridians have been amplified by using magnetic spheres to direct Qi into facial lines to add volume and lift.

The essence of the Qi beauty facial, is the bridging of specific acu-points using the Qi micro magnets to create reservoirs of volume to activate qi and stimulate transportation of sub dermal fluids, before applying natural synergistic skin nutrients.

Each Qi beauty facial is uniquely individual with every client requiring a personalised matrix to connect facial lines to meridians .

Luxurious and deeply relaxing, Qi beauty draws from TCM through the activation of Qi (chi) to transport volume upwards making sub-dermal nutrients increasing availability to skin. This specific stimulation during the facial is the secret to shifting cellular memory and creating a receptive facial landscape for lasting skin regeneration


* Add a new dimension to your business
* Training cost absorbed by product package
* Meet client needs with a superior treatment
* Extend your services instantly
* Gain a new client demographic
* High pro!t income stream
* Raise your business pro!le
* Easy integration

Training cost $895 + gst
Earlybird booking $806 +gst

Training Includes 10 Facial Treatments.
Cover the cost of training and receive over $900.00 retail profit.

Dates and Locations

Sydney - Melbourne - Perth - Adelaide - Brisbane

for more information and training dates > please email

Limited places available for each City
p. +61755273002 f. +61755783833

Intensive Practitioner Training 2013

Open your practice to a new demographic with a Qi beauty treatment menu that guarantees a visible difference after one treatment.
p. +61755273002 f. +61755783833

11 Jan 2013

Last Update: 6 May 2013

Article/Information supplied by Kathy Pedersen

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.