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Anti-aging beauty tips, natural way to look younger.

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Article by annette christy

Chikii - Beauty resource and organic natural beauty products. Profile | Email | Website
Chikii - Beauty resource and organic natural beauty products. A Natural Beauty Care Resource Blog / Australian on-line store featuring luxury boutique brands of certified skin care, perfume, body products, daily essentials, baby products, home fragrance, aromatherapy, beeswax and pure olive oil candles, and salon grade natural mineral cosmetics.Free of petrochemicals,synthetic chemicals,nano-particles, certified organic,cruelty free,vegan registered,vegan friendly,palm oil free. P.O.Box 24
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Anti-aging beauty tips

We know that the natural process of aging cannot be avoided, but we can offer our skin the best protection and nurturing care possible to delay the aging process. Skincare products that contain wholesome organic true ingredients that cannot be duplicated in any laboratory are far healthier for regenerating mature and aging skin.Nature provides us with an abundance of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and other vital plant elements which renew and regenerate mature and aging skin.

A regular skincare routine using sophisticated, active organic formulas, all our brands offer to you very special age defying anti-aging active ingredients that will revitalize, protect, firm, smooth and strengthen your skin.

To have a more radiant complexion and reduction in lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging using ingredients that are made without harmful synthetic ingredients and that can be used on ultra sensitive skin make us at Chikii very happy.

In our ingredient glossary there are many ingredients listed that are all top rated as being anti-wrinkle and regenerative. There are healing botanicals, aromatherapy oils, butters, herbal extracts, protective oils, and emulsifiers that all have intrinsic functions in skincare formulas.

Below are a few that are listing in the glossary.

  • Anti-oxidants, (Ployphenols,Flavinoids,Biopeptides) that protect you from harmful free radicals – e.g. Vitamin A and E, avocado, apricot, seabuckthorn, green tea, wheat germ oil, rosemary leaf. Cocoa butter, Ginkgo, Lutein, Lycopene, knotweed.moringa pterygosperma seed extract,olive oil,curcumin,
  • Essential fatty acids and phytosterols (omega-3’s, omega-6’s, linolenic acid) – Rosehip, evening primrose oil, flax seed oil, hemp seed oil white peat oil, avocado,
  • Anti-oxidants, Anthocyanosides that help to provide a youthful appearance by promoting collagen – Blueberries, pomegranate, grapes, raspberries, acai pulp oil,
  • Antioxidant, Proanthocyanidins also aid in the stabilization of collagen and elastin to give health resilient skin – Grape seed, bilberry, cranberry, Cinnamon.
  • Marine extracts are to be very rich in minerals and amino acids. They help to retain moisture and elasticity of the skin. – Kelp, algae, carrageenam.
  • Vitamin C – Kakadu plum, rosehip oil,
  • Hydrating, replenishing, emollients – Shea butter, honey, jojoba oil, olive oil, macadamia oil. Rose oil, carrot oil, passion fruit,olive oil,mango butter.
  • Regenerating, exfoliating and wound healing – Tamaru oil, patchouli essential oil, palmarosa oil, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Rosehip oil, Comfrey, Papaya, lavender.
  • Skin brightening – Raspberry oil, cucumber, lingonberry seed oil,
  • Anti-inflammatory – Chamomile, calendula, camellia sinensis, vitamin C. and sandlewood.

Below we have the pleasure of adding the latest and greatest anti-aging ingredients and their benefits. Enjoy.

Lactic acid is a vegetable-derived alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) reported to exfoliate, improve wrinkling, roughness, and mottled pigmentation.

Bio-hyaluronate ferment algal – Most powerful moisturizer & humectant known so far, provides smoothness & softening to the skin, excellent anti-wrinkle effects.

Jasmine absolute- soothing, sensual, moisturising and strengthening. Millions of blossoms, hand picked before dawn, produce just a kilo of this luxurious signature ingredient.

Panax ginseng- The leaf gel is rich in beneficial polysaccharides and amino acids and has been used to soothe the skin for more than 2500 years. Used to rebalance dryness and calm delicate skin. It helps reduce the visible signs of ageing, improving skin firmness and moisture levels.

Magnesium ferment- hydration and barrier function.

Zinc ferment- natural protection from environmental factors. Supports elastin and collagen.

Oligopeptides have shown to reduce the mechanical factor responsible for expression lines – Hibiscus seed extract is used to tighten and plump the skin, thereby giving a smooth appearance without the use of needles or toxins. Another oligopeptide is chlorella vulgaris.

Ascophyllum nodosum-A skin lightening active, which is a natural active extract of seaweed and rich in Ployphenols. A protecting, ingredient that lightens the skin and exfoliates pigmentation on the skin.

Chlorella vulgaris – is an ingredient that is a natural active extract of seaweed, rich in amino-acids and oligopeptides. It is used to correct redness in the skin and helps to remove those dark circles around your eyes.

Argania spinosa extract- is a natural skin tightening active that grows only in Morocco. Its immediate tightening effect is ideal for crow’s feet and neck wrinkles.

Pisum sativum extract- is a natural active extract of a leguminous plant. it stimulates the production of collagen,improves skin elasticity and improves skin firmess. It has long lasting moisturising properties.

Moringa pterygosperma seed extract – Anti-pollution and purifying active for skin. It is a natural active extract of the seed of the plant calles the “Miracle Tree”.

Cassia alata leaf extract DNA Phyto-Guardian Natural Active Extract of the candle tree, which originates from South America. Very rich in flavinoids that has natural protective system against UV radiation on human skin cells.It protects the DNA in your skin from UVA and UVB2,supports natural repair of cells and fights against Photo-ageing.

Sodium hyaluronate – low molecular weight. A multi-talent anti-ageing active and skin toning agent. Natural Active Hyaluronic acid (15,000-50,000 Da) – low molecular weight enables it to enter the skin (epidermis and dermis) to maintain and regulate optimal hydration level and to increase skin firmness and fights skin ageing signs.

Sodium hyaluronate – high molecular weight. A natural moisturising agent .Natural Active Hyaluronic acid is one of the main components of skin, which maintains hydration by its ability to retain water.This maintains skin hydration and increases softness and suppleness of the skin.

Galactaric acid- Anti pollution skin protection. Natural Active Muciliance is a poly AHA well known antioxidant – extracted from apple and lemon, which is pure, stable and biodegradable.

Hydrolysed rhizobian gum and acacia Senegal gum. Natural skin tightener .Natural Active Acacia gum – An exudate obtained from stem and branches of Acacia tree. Acacia tree plantation reduce deforestation and desertification; helps local actions integrated in a Sustainable Development program.

Natural Active Rhizobian gum – A hydrolysed biopolymer naturally produced by microorganisms living in plant roots.Its benefit has an immediate tightening effect.

Phytic acid -Skin lightening agent and has antioxidant properties. Natural Active Phyliance is extracted from wheat bran which is one of the richest vegetable fractions in terms of active molecule.

15 Oct 2012

Article/Information supplied by annette christy

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.