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Anti-aging skin care - organic skincare brands

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Article by annette christy

Chikii - Beauty resource and organic natural beauty products. Profile | Email | Website
Chikii - Beauty resource and organic natural beauty products. A Natural Beauty Care Resource Blog / Australian on-line store featuring luxury boutique brands of certified skin care, perfume, body products, daily essentials, baby products, home fragrance, aromatherapy, beeswax and pure olive oil candles, and salon grade natural mineral cosmetics.Free of petrochemicals,synthetic chemicals,nano-particles, certified organic,cruelty free,vegan registered,vegan friendly,palm oil free. P.O.Box 24
New Brighton
Australia 2483

Anti-aging skin care, having beautiful skin using natural organic skin care ingredients.

You can have healthy, radiant skin with our luxury certified organic and anti-aging skincare brands formulated with scientifically proven Bio-actives and state-of-the-art formulas delivering visible results. These anti-aging skin care formulas provide the same and often better results as conventional products, but in a way that promotes the ideals and philosophy of an organic lifestyle.

At Chikii we have skincare brands, La Mav, Synthesis 345, Aeos, and Y-natural which are high-performance and state of the art, they have the most comprehensive authentic organic anti-ageing products that are on the Australian market. A simple daily regimen will deliver anti-ageing results within a few weeks and with continuous use you will reduce the need for harsh or invasive procedures later in life.
The development of these formulations have taken many years of research with the combined expertise from cosmetic chemists, aromatherapists, beauty therapists and natural practitioners, being accredited in the fields of natural therapies, herbology, beauty therapy, medical aromatherapy, naturopathy and kinesiology. The extensive experience and qualifications in the natural therapy and beauty industries, ensures that ongoing support and education is available.

Our aim is to show that Organic products, with the right actives, can make a visible and inspiring difference to the skin. As well as using traditional wholesome ingredients, (essential oils, Australian clays, botanical oils (argan oil), essential fatty acids, fruit acids, and plant butters (cocoa and shea nut). the inclusion of well researched and scientifically backed actives for safe cosmetic efficacy is also important.
We have skincare solutions for wrinkle-smoothing, skin-brightening, for ultra hydration, to lift and firm, to purify and clean, crème treatments for your eyes, exfoliation, sun protectors all potent anti-aging formulations. All of our skincare brands have full ingredient listings so that you can research for yourself and find out how special these brands are.

15 Oct 2012

Article/Information supplied by annette christy

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.