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Hair colour without toxic chemicals

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Article by Susan Lockie

How your hair colour can look beautiful without the toxic chemicals …..

....... and how to tell if your hair colour is really natural !!

After 30 years of hairdressing I finally read the instructions and precautions on a packet of Hair Dye.

It read “Do not colour your Eyebrows or Eyelashes as can cause blindness” Gee!!

I thought, this is serious and why wasn’t I told.

Hairdressers do not read instructions, we learn this at work and at hairdressing schools.

We are professional. I was never told to treat hair dye as a toxin or to take any precautions at all.

Staying healthy was on my agenda from a young age, to me without good health nothing else can be conquered.

Henna hair colours were the only natural hair colour of choice.

Henna has been around for thousands of years.

It is a plant and can be mixed to make lovely colours for the hair. If you have to colour your hair then henna is your only choice.

When purchasing natural hair colour be cautious, adding plants or even certified organic ingredients to chemical hair dyes does not make the chemicals go away.

This is just a very smart marketing tool.

Look for certification of the whole product, this will come with a symbol and justify that the whole product is natural. 

Henna can be mixed with beetroot and walnut shells but only plants added for a truly natural colour.

PPD ( phenylenediamine )  is the toxic chemical colour in hair dyes.

It is not what is not in hair dye, it is what is in it that counts, there are thousands of ingredients to choose from and each ingredient has several names. 

Check the ingredients list ……

16 Aug 2012

Article/Information supplied by Susan Lockie

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.