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Qi energy creating beauty

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Article by Kathy Pedersen

Launched in 2006 Qi beauty has paved the way for a new approach to anti-aging treatment.

Based on tra-ditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qi beauty is at the forefront of what modern women want and need to maintain beauty as they age.

The essence of Qi beauty is the existence of qi in every treatment and product. Qi, often referred to as life's’ energy, plays a major role in health, vitality and happiness. As you age, the skin requires qi energy to maintain effective cell renewal to a healthy, youthful appearance. The Qi beauty Gold Facial activates qi to reconnect the energy skin requires for optimal oxy- genation and regeneration, improving skin vitality.

Qi beauty’s signature facial is the ultimate blend of modern beauty knowledge and traditional chinese acupuncture therapy. The result is a more youthful appearance, as skin texture, tone and life is repaired, lifted and energized.

To begin the facial, the skin is analyzed by a qualified Qi beauty specialist, their training enables them to recognize loss of qi based on client lifestyle, and also ageing signs. A significant loss of qi in a particular area is signified by substantial decrease in skin elasticity, dull pigmentation, or a general lifeless appearance. Through activating qi, and restoring the energy skin needs to repair itself, your Qi beauty treatment is more than a facial. It is a means of opening up energy channels al- lowing your own body’s supply of essential nutrients to surface for skin health.

Each facial is unique to each the patient. A matrix, a particular design which the magnets will sit on, is made up to suit the patients needs. Initial facials will often provide equal stimulation over the entire face however, after qi is activated, specific areas can be tar- geted to bring more qi to the skin.

In this time, qi is activated. The lower layers of the skin align, allow the skins natural supply of collagen to move upwards and do what it was intended for. There is an increase in blood flow, circulation and minerals resulting in a diminished appearance of lines, creases and uneven pigmentation.

Ultimately, skin appears, feels and is, healthier.

8 Dec 2010

Article/Information supplied by Kathy Pedersen

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.