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7 Natural Beauty Treatments, Cucumber & Lemon Beauty Benefits

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Article by Amina Kitching

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Safe Cosmetics Australia [SCA] SCA is the first nontoxic certification program in Australia. We ensure that items used every day are MADE SAFE without ingredients that are known or suspected to cause harm to human health or the environment. Our mission is to raise chemical awareness, advocate for a pre-market regulatory scheme and verify products that are MADE SAFE Non-Toxic Certified for a sustainable & healthy future: see the TOXIC-FREE LIST
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7 Natural Beauty Treatments

What are the beauty benefits of cucumber? Cucumber is well known for it's skin-soothing properties. In cosmetics, cucumber helps to prevent wrinkles and fine dry lines. It is also known to reduce swelling, ease itching and skin irritation, making it a perfect skin-food for your healthy regime.


What are the beauty benefits of lemon? Lemon is an amazing beauty ingredient that is ideal for your skin & hair. It cleanses, clarifies, bleaches & whitens your skin, hair & teeth!

Quick & Easy Recipes:

  • Hydrating Facial Water &/or Skin Toner: Lemon & coconut water mixed 50:50 ratio & applied to cleansed skin using a cotton pad.
  • Cleansing wipes: I like to add a few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil to a cup of lemon juice & water. Using a cotton pad, apply the mixture as a facial toner. This is great for treating blackheads as it works to bleach the skin & blackhead!
  • Skin Bleacher for pigmentation & dark patches: apply fresh cut lemon juice each night to target pigmentation, dark patches such as the knees & elbows or scars. When using lemon on the skin, avoid direct sunlight as it can cause you to burn more easily.
  • Dye-Free Hair Lightener: apply lemon juice to your hair before exposing to the sun. Apply all over the hair or to pieces alone to create natural blonde streaks. Lemon juice can also be beneficial for treating a dry scalp when applied liberally to affected areas.
  • Hands, Nails & Cuticle Conditioner: this is fantastic to fix yellowed nails. For a hydrating treatment, mix in a small bowl, some olive oil & lemon juice, and allow your nails to soak. This is excellent for dry brittle hands & nails or splitting cuticles.
  •  Skin Brightener: rich in vitamin C & citric acid, Lemon juice can help to brighten & lighten your skin when used daily. It can take weeks to months for the skin to gradually lighten, but with a little patience you can achieve a clearer complexion with a natural bleaching agent like lemon juice.
  • Teeth Whitener: squeeze some lemon juice into a small bowl or cup to keep in the fridge. Once daily, dip your toothbrush into the lemon juice & then into some bicarbonate soda (baking soda) & brush as usual. The gentle cleaning action of lemon & bicarb will lighten your teeth over time. Some see an immediate improvement whilst more stubborn stains may take longer to remove.

Do you want to buy products that utilises cucumber & lemon? Safe Cosmetics Australia recommends brands that are Australian Certified Toxic-Free® & published on our Toxic Free List. The following brands are highly recommended for formulating products that are made from 100% Natural & Naturally Sourced ingredients:   

Utilises Lemon Essential Oil: Uni Organics Smooth As Silk Body Lotion & Sanctum Australia – Gentle Face Exfoliant

Utilises Cucumber Oil: Sanctum Australia – Tone & Refresh & Sanctum Australia – Hydrating Gel Mask

Article by Amina Kitching, Founder & Editor @ SCA

Safe Cosmetics Australia [SCA] ® The Toxic Free Campaign
Toxic-Free List:


6 Nov 2016

Last Update: 7 Nov 2016

Article/Information supplied by Amina Kitching

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.