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7 Natural Weight Loss Tips from Models and Celebs

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Article by Organic Box

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Want to achieve that healthy and tone body? Follow our top 7 natural weight loss tips followed by many models and celebs.


Ah, summer. The dreaded season when you have to work extra hard to get into a swimsuit. Whether you are happy with your body and feel confident in your suit or know you want to work on a few problem areas, you can get to the body you want before the summer is up if you put in some extra effort right now. Follow our guide of top seven tips for looking hot on the beach this summer by following our diet for that body you want. You don't have to actually be a supermodel to look like one! Here's how to create your own healthy looking body diet today:

Tip #1: Drink That Water


Many people who are trying to get healthy at first don't realize that they are not drinking enough water each day. Water not only hydrates you but it fills you up so that you eat less at meal time. Try to drink between six and eight glasses of water a day. One day to make sure you are getting enough water is to begin your day by filling up that many water bottles. Line them up on your desk and throughout the day sip on them so that you are hydrating yourself properly.

Tip #2: Eat Small Meals Frequently


Many successful trainers will tell you that the key to losing weight and to toning up is to feed your body. Instead of eating three large meals every day, mix it up with smaller meals and snacks. Make sure you are eating healthy proteins like chicken, fish and avocado. Have a handful of unsalted nuts for a snack. Eat as many vegetables as you want. Make eating fun and don't deny your body food. For example, Jennifer Aniston makes her diet fun by munching on kale chips. See how you can do the same here. You can still enjoy the crunchiness of your snack. Just choose your food and snack wisely!

Tip #3: Avoid Sugar


This could be one of the most difficult parts of dieting, but it will pay off big in the long-run. Avoid sugary drinks and desserts. Avoid soft drinks with processed sugars. Drink natural sugars at a low rate -- for example, orange juice. You want to try to deplete your sugar rations to a very low amount. Remember that bread turns into sugar -- so eat it sparingly.

Tip #4: Jumpstart Your Metabolism


Begin each day with a cup of hot water infused with lemon and a little cayenne. This unusual combination is proven to give your metabolism a little kick in the butt -- and that's what it needs to burn the maximum amount of calories throughout the day.

Tip #5: Commit to a Regular Exercise Routine

pexels-photo-large (1).jpg

Eating and drinking water are two of the key indicators of a successful dieting regime. But you also have to exercise. You can't just change your diet. Your regime is going to be different from others and based upon your ability and lifestyle. Try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Take rest days doing yoga and make sure you stretch after every workout. Try a high intensity interval workout, known as HIIT, to burn the maximum calories in the shortest amount of time. Combining weights with cardio -- whether actual weights or your own body weight -- has been proven to spike the calories your burn over the course of your workout.

Tip #6: Skip Happy Hour


Listen, giving up alcohol for a short time is difficult -- especially if it's part of your social calendar. But at least for the weeks leading up to your suit debut on the beach, skip happy hour in favor of sparkling water infused with fruit. It's not the same, but it's the only way to slim down those problem areas -- such as your bloated stomach. Reward yourself each week with one glass of wine or a beer. You can splurge a little!

Tip #7: Don't Compare


Finally, don't compare yourself to other people who are trying to exercise and get healthy. You can't hold yourself to the same standard as everyone else and vice versa. That's because every person's body is different. Every person is dealing with different metabolism and genetics. You can't expect to be stick thin -- and you shouldn't -- if you naturally have hips or more fat cells than other people. Your goal is to get as toned and healthy as you can while being as good to your body as you can. Don't resort to fads or to unhealthy ways of being. Don't starve yourself. Be good to you and celebrate you.

Exercising and eating healthily is not an easy task. There are no easy diets. If you see one advertised as such, then you can almost guarantee it's a fad or that it will produce short-term effects. You're looking for consistency in your plan because you want your toner body to last beyond the summer.

Long after the weather has grown cold, your healthy diet should be making you feel energized and confident in the choices you are making through healthy eating and exercise. Remember our top seven tips for toning up and getting hot -- and you and your body will thank you in months to come. You'll feel happy, healthy and confident.

Good luck with your workout and diet!

28 Sep 2016

Article/Information supplied by Organic Box

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