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Barack Obama from a Vedic astrology perspective

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Article by Yildiz Sethi

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Barack Obama from a Vedic astrology perspective by Yildiz Sethi

Article by Yildiz Sethi ©

This is a general reading only.

I have not looked at any area or question specifically. Some of the areas I can look at are Karma, Life Purpose, Career, Relationships, Health, Wealth, Spirituality, etc.

The person normally has a few questions to ask and I look at those as well - Yildiz

Barack Obama from a Vedic astrology perspective by Yildiz Sethi

Using Vedic astrology, which is a sidereal fixed chart system, Barack Obama is found to be a Capricorn rising with Saturn in the first house of Capricorn.

In the Vedic system the houses are fixed to the signs. This means that even though he is a Capricorn rising at 24 degrees Capricorn, the whole of Capricorn becomes his first house. In the Vedic system we use only the personal planets and not Uranus, Pluto or Neptune. Each of the following houses are also fixed to the sign in the same manner.

As a Capricorn rising person we can expect that he will exhibit Capricornian qualities such as being ambitious and to go about attaining his goals in a quiet, systematic and focused manner. He will be a steady serious, responsible and hard working person who has the ability to direct and lead.


His rising sign in Capricorn is also in the Nakshatra (Lunar Mansion) of Danishtha. The Nakshatra system is a system that is unique to the Vedic system.

Being born in this nakshatra makes him powerful, ambitious and highly motivated with a very strong personality. Although being born in this nakshatra could result in being over involved in power, control and ruthlessness, it also has the capacity to see the bigger picture and the possibility, in a more developed soul, to join in with others in causes for the greater good.
His Moon is in Rohini Nakshatra. This is the best place for the Moon giving him immense appeal and charm.

General information from the chart.

Generally in Vedic astrology the rising sign and the Moon sign are the most important points in the chart. The other planets including the Sun are only important in their role
as planetary rulers of the other houses and also their Karaka significance. (Karakas are a set of symbols specific to Vedic astrology. Eg The Sun signifies ego, power and recognition, while other planets will have their own symbology.) For him the Sun rules the eighth house of Secret matters.

Fortunately for him he also has Saturn sitting in the first house in its own house, giving him the beneficial qualities of Saturn and Capricorn which make him disciplined and structured and to some extent, reserved as well. In addition he also has Jupiter in his first house giving him the qualities of Jupiter, which is a great benefic planet of expansion, softness, and generosity. The combination of Jupiter with Saturn is quite an intense combination which can lead to losses and disappointments at times for Barack and also give him a spiritual nature, which is likely to grow as he ages. He also benefits greatly from the Sun and Mercury in the seventh house in Cancer, which directly aspects his first house. (Aspects in Vedic astrology are different to Western astrology.) Mercury and Sun in Cancer creates a Buddha yoga giving him intelligence in business and negotiation. (Yogas are combinations of planets. There are thousands of Yogas in Vedic astrology.)

His Moon is a waning moon which is not so beneficial, but is relatively strong and placed in Taurus which is its sign of exaltation (maximum strength), so gives him great charisma, charm and stability of emotions. His moon being a seventh house ruler is in his house of luck and good karma (the fifth house), which is good for his fortune and character. This Moon is also aspected by Jupiter and shows the ability to take risks and to trust his intuition. On a personal level this shows luck in his personal life, wife and children and also in his endeavours, for the most part.
In addition the Saturn in the first house shows a strong affinity with the masses and the presence of Jupiter with Saturn shows a concern for justice as well.

However, Jupiter, on account of its being the ruler of the twelfth and third house, which are malefic houses in the Vedic system, give it some malefic qualities, which can also be the source of his undoing, as well, as times, particularly when Jupiter is prominent for him astrologically. He will often be disappointed by those around him not living up to his ideals or expectations.
In addition Barack has three planets in earth houses and four planets in cardinal houses giving him the ability to be both creative and innovative and also grounded in his ideas.

Navamsa chart

In Vedic astrology we also use a chart frequently, called the Navamsa chart. This is a divisional chart of the natal chart and shows the fruition of the natal chart or the inner nature of the person. In Navamsa Barack is a Leo rising with a major (Raja yoga King making combination) occurring involving his rising planet the Sun with Mars his yoga karaka (most powerful and beneficial planet) and Venus the planet governing career and status in his fifth house of luck and fortune.

Vedic Tools

In Vedic Astrology we have many tools and techniques to use. Up to sixty divisional or harmonic charts of which the Navamsa is very important and also many other tools such as the Dasha planetary which may be thought of as planetary periods. These are set by the position of the Moon at birth, using the Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions which is a unique system specific to Vedic astrology, that has nothing to do with transits. We also use transits in Vedic astrology, however this is a separate set of techniques.

Planetary periods.

Barack is in a Jupiter Dasha period which started in July 1996 and finishes on June 2012. The Jupiter is in Barack’s first house with Saturn, is under the influence of the Sun and Mercury are powerfully placed in the seventh house in mutual aspect with Jupiter and Saturn, making this is a very powerful period. A lucky and expansive period involving power and status.

He came to power in a Jupiter Moon Dasha. The Moon is in exaltation in the fifth house of luck. A perfect time for him to reach such a prominent world position. Jupiter Moon started on December 2007 and finishes on April 2009 when he enters a Jupiter Mars period until The beginning of 2010. The Jupiter Mars period is also a powerful period where his influence will be felt on the world stage and in home affairs. However, much of what happens here will take place behind closed doors in negotiations with powerful groups and individuals. This similar theme continues into the Jupiter Rahu dasha until June 2012 with a slightly different energy. Rahu is the north node of the Moon.

On another note, the Jupiter Mars period is a time of mounting danger for the president in terms of attack and certain groups acting covertly and deceitfully. This continues in the Jupiter Rahu period with conspiracies developing and gossip and rumours being spread, in an attempt to undermine him. The combination in the eighth house of Rahu and Mars is a very powerful and fiery combination that he can use himself or that can be used against him by people outside conventional circles.

This is a dangerous time for him politically and also for his reputation and his life.

After June 2012 Barack leaves his Jupiter dasha and moves into a major Saturn Dasha for the next nineteen years. If he survives the end of Jupiter dasha his career will continue on the world stage and he is destined to become a leader in world affairs concerned with social and ecological issues. His career looks like continuing a long time after his political career has lapsed.

This is a general reading only.

20 Aug 2012

Article/Information supplied by Yildiz Sethi

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.