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Astrology Updates

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Article by Maggie Kerr

Maggie Kerr - Universal Astrology Profile | Email | Website
Maggie Kerr - Universal Astrology Maggie Kerr (AAT Dip. Couns.) is a well known Australian Astrologer, Counsellor & Teacher/ Facilitator in Communications & People Skills. She has been practising for over 20 years. She is an accredited teacher with the FAA and a member of the FAA exam board.
Maggie is the Australian Vice-President for ISAR.
Maggie is available for consultations on the Gold Coast
120 Plateau Crescent
Australia 4211
61 07 55945 959

Universal Astrology Updates

Neptune enters Pisces – April 2011 to 2025

On April 4th Neptune slides gracefully into Pisces for the first time in 164 years! So here comes another of the big evolutionary guns who will participate in the shift in the decades ahead. He will be in Pisces until 2025, when he enters a new phase commencing in Aries. This accompanies transformer Pluto entering Aquarius...when the stage will be set for the true revolution of our times.

Transcendental Neptune has been in Aquarius for the past 14 years – between 1998 and 2011/12. So he has been in the sign ruled by Uranus... whilst Uranus has been in Pisces...the sign ruled by Neptune. Not really confusing!! This is called a Mutual Reception where the energies of each planet mutually support each other in their process of linking evolutionary forces. Go to for a big article I wrote on this back in 2003 where I offer the historical level of this rare phenomenon.

So Neptune in Aquarius for the past 14 years has also been underpinning the collective spread of the next ‘great idea’ or enlightenment thought...that we are all part of a collective intelligence that contains the reality of other planes of existence, and our awakening the centres in the brain that are responsible for intuitive connection to these other planes. The gifted Medium John Edwards has done great work to teach his large audiences of the nature of our relationship to the other side during this period. He and other brave way-showers have often been vilified for their trouble...but hey that’s always been what happens when progressive people try to bring reform and change to existing redundant systems. That’s called being an Aquarian!!

Psychic matters of all types have become a new industry as the reality of our emotional/mind/body health has revolutionized the mainstream health industry. Mind you the pharmaceutical companies are pulling no punches in their efforts to deprive us as individuals to make our own choices about quite what food and medicine we put into our bodies. This then is the downside of Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 as corporate commercial interests gain the power to control our human rights to freedom of thought, information, speech and action.

Neptune’s associations always involve the sensitive creative field where dreams arise as we tap into the collective “mind of God”. In our physical systems he rules the Auto Immune system...our invisible filtering system that keeps out the virus and bacteria that can infect us...if we carry the unconscious emotional patterns that pre-dispose us to a certain disease. So Global Pandemics have been quite the rage lately...once again a major attempt by business interests to sell vast quantities of vaccine for an epidemic that never happened...classic stuff! Mind you we all know how infuriating our on-line lives can become when a virus makes its way through the invisible ethers and takes out our hard drive. Yes we now have world wide connectivity...and we are all more exposed and vulnerable than we have ever been. Big Brother is having a fab time keeping check on us all via our i-pads and i-phones.

Earth’s Immune System is the Ozone Layer, the protective sheath that filters the sun’s rays and protects us from the solar forces that would burn us to a crisp. So is it any surprise that our collective Immune System is so unwell now that we have damaged the protective veil? So strengthening our Immune System is vital to maintain our health...both physically and emotionally.

The 14 year period of Neptune in any sign also permeates the collective unconscious at a cultural level, as the art and style that develops to reflect the prevailing Zeitgeist...or Spirit of the Time. The synthesis between art and technology has been the result with virtual reality a primary theme...think ‘The Matrix’ with all its’ associated revelations. As Neptune is the primary agent of God in its’ many expressions, it is no surprise that the Aquarian phase has represented a new level of religious tolerance and intolerance, as conflicting theologies have also spread in a viral fashion. For many this has created the search for the next level of Spiritual Evolution beyond separatist doctrines toward a unified philosophy that supersedes the old models.

To read the full article download the pdf > Neptune enters Pisces – April 2011 to 2025

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30 Mar 2011

Article/Information supplied by Maggie Kerr

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.