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Three Clues that we are influenced - from the Stars!


Article by Jill Mattson

Three Clues that we are influenced - from the Stars!


The planets in motion create waves, and they influence us! This is indisputable science! The waves are below our hearing range, but are recorded from satellites. These waves correspond to the waves of our body, mind and emotions, and transfer energies through octave resonance – pushing and pulling us. Many would call this vibratory influence astrology!

Numerous scientists have confirmed the presence of this energy that comes to Earth from the stars. Sharry Edwards uses information taped (but below our hearing range) from satellites to describe subtle energy influences that you receive everyday!

In the 1600's scientist Johannes Kepler sought evidence for harmony in the universe. Kepler found the movement of planets created a musical scale. In his book, Kepler calculated the angles of the planets (as measured from the sun) from their extreme positions in elliptical orbits during a twenty-four hour period. A system of simple intervals emerged, sixteen in all, (two exceptions) that are musical consonances. This is his proof of celestial harmony.

If we take Kepler's diatonic musical scale down enough octaves, these waves correspond to the brain wave patterns of alpha, beta, theta, and delta. Think about that. The movements of the planets create frequencies and our brain waves emulate that wave pattern. Waves influence each other. Isn't that astounding? 

Americans detected a form of music from the heavens. "In 1993 Hulse and Taylor landed the Nobel Prize for discovering binary pulses - stars which send out electromagnetic waves in pulses. The most sensitive equipment picks up evidence of their existence through radio waves". 

The Earth emits low levels of electromagnetic energy from the spinning core of molten iron.  Energies from the sun distort the earth's field with high-energy solar winds. The interaction of the earth's magnetic field and the solar winds combine into energy of low frequencies.   These frequencies mingle with our body, mind and soul.

Dr. Becker, physician author and researcher, describes cosmic magnetic influences. "The strength of the Earth's magnetic field averages about half a gauss and worse yet, its daily charge is less than 0.1 gauss. Compared to a magnet that holds a
refrigerator door closed, this is peanuts, indeed. There is simply no way that such a small charge in the field could influence even a compass needle. However Professor Brown's experiments in the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory indicate clearly that living organisms have the ability to somehow sense these minute daily cycles in the earth's magnetic field and to use them to time their biological cycles".  

Dr. Becker continues, "Twenty years later we know that living things have the capacity of detecting and obtaining information from such low-strength fields as the steady geomagnetic field and its cyclic fluctuations".  Dr. Becker believes that this is how animals differentiate between north and south for migrations and other purposes. 

My Star Dust CD uses celestial music, and twinkling in the background are the frequencies that the planets make in their orbits. Ancient people harmonized to these sounds to be in balance with the heavens and to receive energy from the heavens through resonance. You can listen at

#1 free mp3 contains soul soothing music & the Fibonacci numbers, vibrational patterns that God used in creating our world, transposed into tones.  Also embedded are the Solfeggio tones to enhance spiritual enlightenment. #2 free mp3 - (Star Dust CD) - contains heavenly music with the sounds of the planets and trace elements of stars! #3 free mp3 - Listen to the literal sounds of beautiful flower energy, embedded in the Healing Flower Symphonies.




27 Sep 2013

Article/Information supplied by Jill Mattson

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.