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Art Creativity and Healing

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Article by Giselle Luske

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Art Creativity and Healing

We are creative beings, we need creativity, and it’s essential for our Health.

To be open, or to open up to the arts has distinct health benefits.

The logic of the above statement is based up on the knowledge, that art and creativity participation has a positive stimulating effect on the right side of your brain. There is certainly nothing wrong with the left side of the brain, however, we got two halves, and we may as well use them. In fact, not using the creative part of yourself is like denying yourself to become a "whole" person.

It's all about balance, and using the right side of the brain can bring us that much needed balance to live a healthy life.
( Read more about balance )

Here are some benefits that may convince you to embrace creativty and art,  if you haven't done so already.

1.) Painting is like re-creating a part of yourself...

Most people living within today’s hectic lifestyles are sucked into a whirlwind of activity, which allows hardly any time to make rational and balanced decision about creating the lifestyle they want to live.

We all need time out to think and to be, creativity and painting can give us this space.
Allowing yourselves to take time out, will help to create or re-create another part of your being. It's the difference between thinking and acting predominately left brain instead of using both sides of our brain. It virtually doubles your brain capacity, and you will be able to see the world you live in a new perspective, and see the big picture.

You always had this right side brain capacity, but it may have been neglected. Bringing art and painting into your life, will re-awaken it.
Not only that, but by embracing the arts and creativity within your daily lifestyle, you will find your true self, therefore,  you have re-created that part which felt was missing.

2.) Creative expression of emotions releases stress

Have you got time or opportunities to express your true feelings? Suppressed emotions and feelings have well known negative health implications.  If you have been living a busy and stressful life, you may have had to suppress some feelings and emotions just to stay on top of it.
We all have a need to vent emotion or possible pent up anger and frustration.
There is no better medium to express your emotions than a creative activity.
Starting to draw or paint can open up a whole new world. You will see your environment with new eyes. Some objects around you will take on a whole new appearance and meaning, just by looking at them with a new perspective and awareness.
By expressing your emotion creatively your internal stress is relieved. 


3.) Painting creates space for peace and regeneration; it is a relaxed, meditative alpha state...

Have you ever been in a state of alpha, relaxation or meditation?
We all have, whether we pursue active relaxation and meditation exercise or not. It can be likened to daydreaming, to times when you didn't notice how time went by, to car trips, when you arrived home, and noticed you were not really aware how you got home.
Being creative, painting or similar activities, will induce that same state, no sense of time or your surroundings.

This is a very beneficial state to be in. It's the alpha state, the brainwave needed to regenerate your body and mind.
( read more about brainwaves )
Most creative activities help you to reach this state quickly. However, some activities will get you out of that state quickly as well.
If you have to concentrate on a technique to achieve your desired creative outcome, you will drop back to your left side brain activity with a higher brain frequency.
If you keep talking to someone while painting, you also use your left side of the brain, which stops you from accessing your right side effectively, and which will cause you to drop out of that cozy alpha state. One question of a friend or bystander is all it takes, to lose the alpha state. Your brain switches instantly to its active logic left brain function.
Therefore, paint by yourself, and have different sessions for learning techniques or creative painting. It's the awareness, of what induces alpha and what will get you out of it, which will help you to structure your art and creative pursuits.

4.) Painting is therapy for body and soul; it creates balance within your lifestyle

Well, we all know, we need balance in life. We may have fun even excitement within our occupations, but in addition there are usually time restraints and stress. That's what can be balanced by adding an activity that takes some of that stress away, and uses different faculties than you may use at work or other stress orientated activities.
The balance is achieved by the physical aspect of taking time out and the mental one of switching to a right-sided brain activity.

5.) Painting opens the door to enhanced creative thinking and intuition

Creativity creates creativity. It's a chain reaction, once you start, it will take on a life of it's own.

Coming back to the initial point, that art and creativity brings balance and supports healing, we have to add one more ingredient; intuition.

There may be many ideas and opinions of what intuition are all about, however one thing is sure, intuition becomes more frequent with a wide and broad input of mental stimulation. We can assume that intuition is taking place in the subconscious by mentally linking situation, inputs and stored knowledge together.

Hopefully your brain takes the right clues and comes up with new combinations, which you can use to intuitively "create' something new which will start your creative process.

How to start?

Framed Print: Bicycle

The first step is to take some time out and for a couple of hours per week introduce some art. I do recommend painting myself, however the health benefit of art is not exclusive to painting, feel free to chose any art form.
Art and the enjoyment of the various art forms are the precursor to living your life creatively.

The second step is to control the time, time is always the same, and it’s you who is deciding how you use that time.

This is where creativity starts. Search your lifestyle, where can you take out some time and spend it actively on a creative art activity. Start drawing, painting, and creative writing or similar.

Personally I always favor drawing, you only need a few "tools", such as some pencils, eraser and paper. Just draw, start doodling, and with a bit of luck if your mind is not too pre-occupied, your brain will switch to right side functions, and you drift into it.

This simple act of art creates a situation for healing. It has broken your normal routine, you are doing something you haven't done before, hopefully it allows you to relax and enjoy, and it’s like a little internal holiday.

The third step would be to commit yourself to learn about the technical part of the art you would like pursue. After that it never stops and creativity will sneak into every part of your life.

..  good luck in your creative art pursuits..

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Thank you .. Giselle

16 May 2011

Article/Information supplied by Giselle Luske

Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.