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Ancient Painting Medium

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Article by Gayle Reichelt

Gayle Reichelt - Visual Artist Profile | Email | Website
Gayle Reichelt - Visual Artist Gold Coast Multi-Media Visual Artist producing unique, original artworks and workshops in Resin, Encaustic, Oil or Acrylic and Charcoal Drawings.
Website is Select Art Classes tab for details and registering for a Resin, Encaustic or Acrylic Pour Workshops. Gayle's work is available on-line and ships worldwide. Contact Gayle for an appointment to view her artworks personally.
120 Wallandra Road
Australia 4213
0419 546 503



Gold Coast artist Gayle Reichelt uses an ancient method that was most notably used in the Fayum mummy portraits from Egypt around 100-300 AD for creating beautiful artworks.    She uses molten beeswax, (purchased from local beekeepers), mixed with resin and oil pigments to make an Encaustic medium instead of the usual painting method of using oil, acrylic or watercolour or other more traditional painting mediums.   This is called Encaustic (or hot wax painting).

Beeswax and resin are both natural and organic and do not require solvents for cleanup.  Beeswax is purchased from local beekeepers from the Gold Coast and Brisbane, and Damar resin is harvested from trees in Malaysia in a method that is similar to the tapping of maple trees for syrup, and the trees are not damaged from this process.

Gayle says she became interested in painting with beeswax when at university but it was only in July 2014 that she had her first opportunity to learn Encaustic painting.  After a workshop, Gayle contacted Encaustic artists in the US, where Encaustic painting is hugely popular, purchased books and watched video and u-tube instructions and practiced to expand her basic knowledge and experience in applying Encaustic to create her artwork. 

Gayle’s Encaustic art works would be of interest to other artists wanting to learn new approaches as well as members of the public interested in unusual forms of art created from natural materials.


So what is Encaustic painting?

It is a process of melting bees wax mixed with Damar resin and oil colour pigments to between 65 to 100 degrees celsius, applying it to a sturdy substrate such as wood, and then fusing with a heat source such as a heat gun, iron or propane torch.  This ancient and durable medium has a mystery, a luminosity, a richness of surface and an organic quality that give the final pieces a spiritual quality that is not always seen in an artwork. 

Gayle is working towards having an exhibition of her Encaustic art from 13th to 25th October at the Petrie Terrace Gallery, 163 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane.  She works in a studio in her home in Tallai, situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

You can find more information about Gayle’s Encaustic art from the website  Artwork can also be viewed by appointment with the artist.


13 Mar 2015

Article/Information supplied by Gayle Reichelt

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