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What is Gua Sha ?


R. Sanchez - Sydney


At our Clinic in Sydney, we use an array of Traditional Chinese Medicine procedures to assist our patients in their recovery, from Acupuncture both traditional and laser, Chinese herbal medicine (granulated and patent), cupping, massage and Gua Sha - Scraping.


Below is a short introduction in to the skill, method and art know as Gua Sha.


Gua Sha or scraping has had a long history in Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. Unlike acupuncture it is a non-invasive procedure that can be performed in the clinical setting or at home. It is the art and practise of rubbing the skin with an implement that will increase blood circulation at that localised area. It can be used for pain relief and expelling Wind evils (a.k.a-colds and flues).


The procedure it self: the Practice of Gua Sha


Firstly, we apply a few drops of Gua Sha oil on to the skin surface. This oil is specifically designed for the Gua Sha treatment; it contains medical herbs with properties which will enhance the blood moving (circulating) or toxin eliminating function of Gua Sha treatment.


Then, we take our Gua Sha tool (there are many to choose from), or a coin, soup spoon, or metal cap (some of these are used by other practitioner, but not used at our clinic) and slowly and continuously making long strokes, rub down from the neck down the posterior aspect of the back (which is the most common area, but not the only area - other areas are also treated).


Initially one will be able to start to see a few red spots that will guide you where to concentrate on. We would continue for approx 5 - 10 min depending on the condition and severity. You may find that some purple marks could also appear in some patients.


These marks are not sought out when dealing with infants, only a pink glow is sufficient.

Gua Sha is safe, simple and effective traditional procedure to do. The marks (if any) will only be viable for a few days, before disappearing as will the condition which the patient presented with.


Gua Sha can be used to alleviate the following:

Chronic degenerative diseases,


Chronic neck pain

Chronic shoulder pain

Back pain

Bone spurs

Strains and sprains

Menstrual disorders


Heart disease




Ear and eye disorders

Chronic infections


Osteo arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis




Carpal tunnel syndrome


Digestive disorders,

Muscle aches

Skin disorders

And much more


About the author:

R. Sanchez - Sydney


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